Aug 17, 2011

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My Precious Kid Folding Potty Seat Review!

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In today’s modern society the family is not what it used to be.  Some of us have both parents working, or one parent staying at home, or working from home!  However your family has chosen to live, it is most likely in the same go go go pace our world seems to be in these days!  That means that more often then not your child’s potty training will be interrupted by a need to run an errand or a trip out of town for a couple days.  Luckily some great products are out there to help us keep our toddlers on their potty learning schedules and on the path to success!  My Precious Kid is the number one resource I have come across when it comes to potty training, with great tips and articles comes great products in their store, and the newest product I have had the privilege to review is their  Folding Potty Seat!

Folding Potty Seat

The folding potty seat is nice and padded, so quite comfy for little ones to sit on!

The Folding Potty Seat that My Precious Kid carries is just about perfect for potty training on the go or during travel!  It is padded to make sitting on the big potty a more comfortable and less scary experience for your little one, and it is soooo compact when folding up it can fit in almost any little knap sack or travel bag you want it in!  Since receiving our Folding Potty Seat in the mail, without even trying, we have had it in my purse, our ERGO pouch attached to the carrier, the Hobo wet/dry Bag of extra essentials in the car, and on our own home toilet!  In fact, that’s where it is most of the time in our house, after taking a tour around the house a-la-sap style!

See  how small it can fold up and fit in any purse/bag?!

SAP seems to think all packages in the mail come for her, and this time she was right!  I opened the folding potty seat and handed it to her to see how she felt about it….and she used it as a pillow to sleep on the living room floor!  Silly girl!
SAP “going sleepy mommy!” using the Padded Folding Potty Seat as a pillow!

What can I say, it looked comfy to her! lol

After I unfolded it and told her it was for sitting on she preceded to carry it around for the rest of the night, setting the seat on the floor, couch, or anywhere else and sitting on it!
SAP thought sitting on the potty seat while watching Dora was quite fun!  Luckily she doesn’t try to do this anymore!

Since she seemed oh-s0-comfortable with the seat I decided it was time to try it on our big potty at home before using it on a toilet she was unfamiliar with.  I set up “potty area” with some potty books and a step stool and showed her how to place the folding potty seat on the toilet….her response?  Whining for me to put her on the toilet and signing/asking “Please?!”  !  Big surprise to me!  She was so excited to be sitting on Mommy and Daddy’s potty instead of her little potty chair, it seems to have rejuvenated her interest in potty training!

SAP signing “please”, asking to sit on the big toilet!

So although I had thought the folding potty seat would be used for travel it seems to be SAP’s preferred potty seat in our home, looks like I will be getting a second one soon!  While reading up on the folding potty seat on the My Precious Kid store site they did recommend to purchase 2, to keep one at the grandparents house or in the car for on the go!  Seeing as they are very affordable and portable I can easily understand why!

SAP climbing up to the Potty Seat on the Toilet!  Normally she has her trainers off at this point, but had to keep them on for photos!

The Padded Folding Potty Seat features are:
* No more pinched little bottoms!
* Folds small enough to take anywhere!
* Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats
* Underside brackets help keep seat from sliding
* Thickly cushioned for comfort and safety
* Includes washable carry bag
* Small enough to fit in the diaper bag!

What I Love about the Folding Potty Seat

  • Folds compact, can fit in any bag I need it to!
  • Is soft and padded so comfy for baby/toddler to sit on
  • Makes getting your child to potty train on the big toilet easier since they can transfer their favorite potty seat wherever they need to potty!
  • Helps keep your child on shcedule with potty training since it is convenient for travel!
  • What can I say?  SAP loves it!

Suggestions For Improvement

  • I’d love to have a strap attached to the potty seat so I can strap it shut when traveling with it in my purse/bag, I often have lost that little travel tote it comes with and a strap would be nice!

Meet My Precious Kid!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “Make Child Safety Easy”

My Precious Kid Child Safety Products of Oregon is dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe. We produce professional family safety ID product kits. And we sell a wide range of protects to protect your family. We educate parents how to keep children safer. My Precious Kid is dedicated to your success and safety.

Company Values

My Precious Kid Child Safety Products of Oregon is founded on Christian values of truth, honesty, integrity, human worth, and the value of all children. My Precious Kid is dedicated to family success and family safety.

Company Description

My Precious Kid is an Oregon based sole proprietor company founded by Kay Green. Kay originally created ID card products, filling a need for home school and adopted kids. Beginning with one product in 2001, now the company carries 400+ products protecting kids, adults, and pets.

Website Store:
Facebook Page:

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