Aug 19, 2011

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Ostlund Custom Works G2G Jewelry Review!

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As a mother I tend to spoil my child and think little about my own needs let alone wants any more…God forbid I splurge and buy myself a chocolate bar while checking out in the grocery store!  But a happy mommy makes for a happier family, and sometimes getting yourself something special or receiving a surprise gift from someone special can change your whole outlook on the day, and even your attitude about the coming hardships you face in the future.

That is why when Ostlund Custom Works started making their unique one of a kind upcycled jewelry I knew it was something special!  Their G2G jewelry is artistic and eye-catching, but is simple enough to go with pretty much any outfit (casual or dressy!) and very reasonably priced!  Ostlund Custom Works makes functional art, so all of his art has a purpose, it does not just sit there, it is a clock, a lamp, a candle  holder, or some great looking jewelry, and it says something about the owner of the piece of art!  To wear Ron Ostlund’s jewelry I felt like I was making a statement about myself, and it was great to have a story to tell about this unique piece of art that was unlike everyone else’s jewelry…sometimes it’s good to stand out and be different!

G2G Necklaces

A proud owner of one of Ron’s amazing clocks (Check out that review HERE!), I was very excited to be once more able to review his newest art and receive 2 beautiful necklaces to wear to BlogHer11!  I felt with this jewelry not only did I not have to worry about finding the perfect necklace to fit each outfit (since it matched each and every outfit I brought!) but that it helped me stand out in the crowd in the Expo Hall or even at the great Cheap Sally Dance Party!

Dressed up all fancy for the Cheap Sally Dance Party at BlogHer11! The G2G necklace works perfectly with this dress!

When I first received the necklaces in the mail and opened them I was very impressed with them.  Being made from upcycled materials I somehow always expect a flaw or two, but the necklaces seemed flawless!  Yes they had some lines and marks from where he filed them, but no rough edges or pokey points, which was perfect since I just hate wearing jewelry that is uncomfortable.  In real life they looked much more expensive than Ron prices them at, making me feel like a hundred bucks wearing them.

This dress and dress and necklace match-up I wore to both casual and more fancy events in the same day!

I ended up messaging Ron right that night when I got them in the mail exclaiming to him how light weight they were!  Seeing as how big the pieces are and how they look so heavy in the photographs, it was not what I had expected at all, and I can only imagine how wearing the G2G earrings would feel…I think I would forget I was wearing them!  So curious I was that I checked out his Blog to learn more about how he makes his upcycled jewelry, and here’s the short version of the process:

“How do you make it?”  Well I take this scrap aluminum tubing and cut it into rings which I then finish with a file, and that’s the base of each piece.  It has distinctive file marks nicks and scratches on the “raw” cut edge.  This is my style of not over processing my work.  I then add the jewelry hardware (beads, chain, cord, ear wires, clasps) and build it into a very versatile piece of jewelry.

I thought that was interesting!

I first started wearing the G2G jewelry before my big BlogHer11 trip to SanDiego, just around the house, seeing if I got any new attention from the fiance!  SAPsDaDa liked it so much on me he took some pictures of me wearing it….after I had just gotten out of the shower and had my glasses on and hair still wet!  What can I say, it still looked good on me even then!

The double ring  necklace Ron sent me!

I took them with me to San Diego and though I changed my outfits daily (one more business outfit for the day, one more dressy for night parties) my necklace stayed the same, one day the double ring G2G necklace, the other day the triple ring necklace!  No matter which I wore I was surprised how many comments I got on them and business cards I handed out, answering people’s questions as to where I got the jewelry, how much it cost, and Wow! It is so light!  And made of upcycled materials?  Awesome!  Made for a great conversation starter!

Yet another style and color dress the necklace goes great with!

Of course, the number one attraction to me and Ron’s G2G jewelry is the fact that it is handmade, not mass produced, and made out of upcycled materials that would have otherwise been put to waste.  To make something so wonderful out of what others reject as useless material is amazing!  I keep saying it but I am excited to see what Ron comes up with next!

What I love about the G2G Jewelry:

  • Made out of upcycled materials
  • Very original! Stands out from the crowd!
  • Affordable yet looks great!
  • Very simple designs that goes with so many different styles, something for everyone for any occasion!
  • Well made, doesn’t fall apart or easily break, and no sharp points or bent hinges

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • The length of the chain was too long for me for pretty much all of my outfits, so I ended up tying the chain to the length I wished it to be.  I would suggest offering the buyer to pick the length chain they want for their style so it’s perfect every time!
  • I would love to see you use some upcycled/recycled pendants and jewels or different types of pieces in your jewelry to stay with the style you have, such as old brass/metal buttons (seen a ton at garage sales!) other small pieces, I think that would be really neat.
  • Perhaps give your different styles of G2G jewelry certain names?  The rings one name, the ones with pendants another, the more Gothic style another….just a thought!

Meet Ostlund Custom Works

Using largely upcycled materials I create unique home decor/ functional fine art pieces and jewelry. Many of these works will truly make a statement in your space and are one of a kind.

I strive for the best quality of build that I can do without over processing or over thinking it. Raw is what I love, each piece has qualities that make it an individual! No piece is the same even if it has a similar appearance. I want to provide people with art they are proud to own! I want each piece to speak to someone, and for it to have a special place in their home and heart! Out of the warmth of wood and the coldness of metal comes true Beauty! Handcrafted out of a passion for life, art and unique style comes Ostlund Custom Works!

Etsy Store:
Facebook Page:
The Breath of Hepheastus Blog:

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Thank you to Ron, who keeps making brilliant works of art I keep adding to my wish list!  Keep up the awesome work and stay true to your style, it’s wonderfully original!

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  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love love love the earrings with the beads through the middle of the loop! I’d take any of them!

  2. Thank you Melissa for yet again an amazing review of my work! I love that you like the necklaces so much and that they look so good on you! 🙂

  3. Candy Gray says:

    Beautiful pieces of work, Ron!

  4. Love the different pieces!
    Thanks so much for the chance!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  5. Oh oh I just saw this piece on Facebook and I love these as well! 🙂
    There are a few others on FB that i love too. 🙂
    ~Mippy 🙂