Aug 26, 2011

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SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) Coins Review and Giveaway!

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Sometimes in life it is the little things that make a difference, the little things that make us smile, the little things that make us love the ones we love.  When times get tough and you are unable to show the one you love how much you love them with the proposed usual gifts of flowers and candy (or beer for you men!), it is these little things that keeps the relationship strong and helps you show your love for each other in a small but significant way.

SHMILY Coins Review

This is the idea behind SHMILY Coins!  SHMILY Coins are wooden coins that you can hide around the house to surprise your significant other (or anyone else!) with a heartfelt message or just the thought that you are thinking of them!  What a great idea, I thought!  When I got them in the mail they came with a print out of the SHMILY Story, and it nearly made me cry.  Less than a month ago I had lost my grandfather to cancer, and this story touched my heart and made my grief come back, remembering the little things he had done for his family.  In the end he was buried in his beloved Bib-overalls.  It’s these little things that mean so much.

The SHMILY Story, which you can read on their website, tells of how two grandparents showed their affection for each other by writing SHMILY in unsuspecting places for each other to find, a little game they played with each other all their lives.  They played this game even when the Grandmother got sick with cancer, and at the funeral the ribbons on her flowers said SHMILY.  A touching story that makes you thankful for the loved ones in your life.  After reading this story Scott & Jennifer Ertl created wooden SHMILY coins to be used in the same manner, to hide show how much you love someone.

These SHMILY coins have been used in the past few weeks around my house to show how much I love SAPsDaDa, bringing a playful nature back into our relationship.  It reminded me of an on-going game me and him have had for a couple years since we first started dating, where we would hide a TY Beanie Baby I had named Ninja in unexpected places!  Ninja was a hamster and so it was cute to find him under my pillow at night or in my sock drawer when I was getting ready for work!  But soon this game had worn off, so to start out with the SHMILY coins I hid one with my beloved Ninja under SAPsDaDa’s pillow in bed when I was working late one night…little can I say I came home to find the same such match under my pillow on my side of the bed!

My favorite hiding spot I have come up with so far is hiding the SHMILY coin under the magnetic measuring spoon we use for measuring our laundry detergent so when SAPsDaDa does laundry during the day while I am working it dropped right into his hand!  He never suspected a thing!










It is hard to come up with places to hide the coins where you think they will be found and not lost, but I think I got a new one…under SAPsDaDa’s beer in the pantry or fridge!  When he lifts up the beer he shall find it, and I hope it is at a time when he needs a smile.

SHMILY Coin that I put Under SAPsDaDa’s beer!

Other than the one coin I have used around our house I have also sent a couple coins off in the mail to family and friends.  I had to send some paperwork to my mother in the mail, and so I sent with it a SHMILY Coin wrapped in a card SAP had colored for her!  SAP is her only granddaughter and she has done so much for me and my family, I feel as if I cannot show her how my I appreciate everything she does, but hopefully this SHMILY coin will help her realize it, and the next time we talk I can tell her the SHMILY story, and have her pass on the coin to someone she loves!

SAP and I sent a coin to SAPsNaNa to show her how much we love her!

My final idea is to send a coin to my Grandmother, who recently lost her husband of many many years (my grandfather).  I wish I could be there for her and know life is hard for her right now, and I hope this lets her know I am thinking of her and there for her.  SHMILY coins seem to be as useful for joyful times as well as some sad times!

Where are some great places to hide SHMILY coins?

• Shoe
• Purse
• Lunchbag
• Wallet
• Briefcase
• Pants pocket
• In a card
• Under pillow
• Cellphone case
• Desk drawer
• Care package
• Cosmetic bag


I was thinking my  next favorite spot to hide a SHMILY Coin
will be for SAP!  She’s still too young to understand the meaning of the coin, but she will know it is special, and with school starting and the possibility of her going to Preschool for the first time I think hiding the SHMILY Coin in her lunch box for her to dig through and find everyday somewhere new will mean something special to her!  I think this isa great Back to School gift for a child to remember we love them.

I also am thinking I will be putting SHMILY Coins in Xmas cards this year with SAP’s yearly pictures!  Since we cannot afford presents as we had hoped this will at least be something we can do to show family we love them.

What I Love About SHMILY Coins

  • Spreads a wonderful message based on a wonderful story
  • Is a great way to show someone how much you love them without spending a bunch of money
  • The coins are made out of 1000 % wood, no MSG or BPA!
  • Made in the USA!

Suggestions for Improvement

  • I would suggest having the coins in a small cloth bag that can close with a toggle or drawstring close instead of stuck to the SHMILY story paper as they were shipped.  I suggest this because the sticky substance left a mark on the back of the coins, and also because a nice drawstring bag would help so the coins would not be lost when not in use or if used for certain things (such as surprising a child with a SHMILY coin in their school lunch!)

Meet SHMILY Coins!

After reading the SHMILY story, I was inspired to create a fun token to exchange back and forth with my wife in creative and unexpected places as a playful way to show how much we love each other. The SHMILY coin has become a token we treasure and we are happy to share them with others. We have enjoyed finding fun places to hide and surprise each other. After talking with the author of the SHMILY story, she agreed to let others enjoy the delight of sharing these loving wooden SHMILY coins too!

Buy It!

SHMILY Coins are a cheap and endearing way to show how much you love someone over and over again.

You can Order SHMILY Coins on the SHMILY Coin Website for just 99 Cents each (and cheaper after the first 9!)

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Thank you to SHMILY Coins for the great idea on how to spread love in such a meaning ful yet simple way!

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  2. this is such a sweet story and tradition to do for your family. love it!

  3. Thanks for your review Melissa! We love your idea of using a gift bag for the SHMILY coins–so we’re now offering that for customers. Visit: to see the new velvet bags that are available! Thanks for your great review! -Scott & Jennifer Ertl