Sep 12, 2011

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Family Role Reversal? Meet SAP’s Family!


If you haven’t been one of the many followers who chat with me on Twitter or follow along on some of my Facebook conversations, then you might not know me as well as I think many of you do! So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce my little family and talk about our recent “Role Reversal” experience!


Here I am!  SAPsMaMa!  I am 23 years old and have a few large (and a few small!) tattoos and more than a normal amount of piercings.

I am a recent College Graduate with a degree in Urban Forestry and Forestry Recreation, hoping to work outside in the trees someday!

My role in our family right now is the working mommy!  I find work where I can and bring in the income.  I was working full time out of home until recently when the position ended for the season, and now I work part time out of home while looking for a second or third job.  I also do Blogging (no kidding right? lol), surveys, and other ways to make ends meet.

Hobbies include sewing, cooking (mostly baking!), reading (Stephen King is my favorite!), canning/preserving, and knitting.  I hope to get more into my hobbies this year!


Here is SAPsDaDa!  He’s in his mid-30’s, making our age gap in the relationship quite noticeable and something SOMEONE always brings up!  But hey, you can’t put an age on love!

SAPsDaDa is a U.S. Army Vet been to North Korea as well as Iraq.  Since the Arny he went to college and graduated with a degree in Environmental Law Enforcement.

SAPsDaDa’s current role in the family is Stay At Home Dad!  As much as he loves SAP he does this not by choice but rather due to lack of jobs available.  He spends a good amount of time every week looking for jobs in his field to apply to and interview for.

SAPsDaDa’s hobbies include his love for SciFi, especially Star Trek, Firefly, etc..  He also loves to play strategy Computer games such as Command and Conquer.  His current hobby is canning and preserving, which we love to do together!


Here is SAP!  She is 2.5 years old already and doing new cute things each day.

SAP’s role in this family is daughter!  She provides the amusement and helps nurture our love.

SAP’s favorite things right now are Puppies puppies puppies.  She has a ton of puppies and loves to pretend to be a puppy.  Ask her her name and she will tell you Puppy or Baby!  Besides puppies she loves playing with her baby dolls, which she has several of!  She also loves to bike and go for walks outside to talk to the animals.

Our family Now: Role Reversal!

So over the past year this is what our family has become!  Both SAPsDaDa and I graduated college and moved to a new city to try to find work and start our lives out.  Slowly but surely our roles in this family have switched gear!  I once was the Stay at Home Mom when I nursed SAP before going back to college (and during!) and work, now SAPsDaDa is staying at home and caring for SAP!  Although we do not normally try to stay within gender normal roles (or try to be different than everyone else!) this is what had happened and we are having a hard time adjusting to it.  I wish to see SAP and care for her more, it is very hard for me to give up control in how my daughter is raised, even to my fiance/her dad!  And SAPsDaDa wants to be out working and providing for his family.  We hope to one day be able to find a happy balance!

So what is your family like?  I’d love to hear if you feel you are a normal family or switch roles like we do!  Are you a working family or a stay at home family?  Kind of all over the map?  Share!

  1. My hubby and I have one almost 4 yr old and our (my?) goal was for him to never be in daycare, so after he was born, I went back to my old job, but was able to continue at part time and I took an evening shift, getting home at 1 or 2 am, nursing, falling in bed until 5 or 6 am, hubby went to work at 8 am, and I would nap during the day when I could (not often) then leave as soon as he got home so I hardly ever saw him. It was rough, but we made it work until it didn’t anymore. My company closed up shop eight months later, my hubby switched jobs several times, and he became the bread winner in our family. We feel like our family is pretty traditional as far as those roles go, but I don’t feel like we ever chose it. After I lost my job, I started caring for another child in my home for more than two years to earn extra income (not much, but every $ helps!), but we moved recently so I lost even that. Luckily my husband’s income has increased steadily over the years, but I still feel like we’re at a point where I need to earn something but I have such limited options. for now, we make it work by keeping our expenses as low as possible (no debt other than our mortgage, older cars–paid off/in cash, grow a lot of our own food, no cells, no cable tv–okay, we do “splurge” on internet). while all the sacrifices so far have been worth it, we feel far from financially secure, especially since none of us have health insurance right now, so we’re an adverse health event away from real trouble. And yet, I feel like we are lucky to be doing even this well, since we have managed to meet our goal so far!

  2. I love your tattoo on your arm! 🙂 I feel like we have so much in common lol. My hubs was a SAHD too for about two years. I worked full time (still do) outside of the home and he stayed home with our children who were 1 and 3 years old at the time. It worked out great for us, he was Mr. Mom 🙂 It wasn’t by choice either there just wasn’t any jobs in his field at the time. Now we both work full time, although I would love to be a SAHM but we live in Cali and the cost of living is too much for one income. Our kids are now 7 and 9 🙂

  3. Well, I am not a mom per se, but my boyfriend has a kid that I spend a lot of time with (his mom is not in the picture). My man and I both work, him full time and me part time, but his kid is almost 13 so he doesn’t need as much as far as daycare/babysitting goes. I am very domestically inclined, so when we live together I will still work at my job but I definitely like to cook and clean (aside from doing dishes!).

  4. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We are a working family! We both work Mon-Fri, dh 8-5 – me it varies but mostly 8-5:30. We met at work and worked in the same office together for around 3 yrs until I was transfered out back to a campus. We have my ds who is 18 and just started college and then our dd who is almost 4. We also have an angel baby girl watching over us who would have been a litle over 2. We have been TTC since losing our dd with no luck…BUT I finally made an appt with my OB so hopefully we will find out if there’s something wrong and maybe get a little help! We also have a grandson on the way courtesy of my ds. He is due in November so we will have a grandchild older than our (hopefully) next child! Talk about weird! I wish I was able to stay at home becasue I am sooo tired of working and I miss being with my dd but unless we win the lottery, it’s not going to happen anytime soon since we have our mortgage! LOL That’s us!