Sep 16, 2011

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Megan’s Sewing Creations Dress Review!

Just over a month ago I was preparing to go to BlogHer11 in SanDiego…my very first blog conference!  I had reserved my ticket a whole year in advance and used my only job vacation time for this trip, I wanted it to be just perfect! It was coming down to the last couple weeks and I suddenly realized….I”m short a dress! I had beach dresses but no little black dress or dressy dress to sparkle at the Cheap Sally Dance Party or Sparklekorn!

Know who came to my mind first? Megan’s Sewing Creations!  Megan had made us some great blankets that SAP loves (See the review on Megan’s Sewing Creations Blankets!) and since I’ve been following on her Facebook business page she has come out with so many new great products, including tops, fabric flowers, and dresses! I was excited when Megan agreed to sponsor a beautiful dress made out of a reddish orange fabric that was sparkly out of all the fabric choices she had.

The dress Megan made!

I was very tempted to order a matching toddler dress for SAP but fell in love with another fabric Megan had…DORA!  I knew my little girl would go crazy for a Dora dress so I just HAD to get her one!

SAP’s Dora Dress!

Megan was so helpful in picking out the design I wanted for SAP’s dress and what length would work well for my dress, then got them sewn in just a day or two!  So quick!  For handmade dresses I was impressed.  I knew if I’m in a jam for a perfect dress for a party and just have a week left I can count on Megan to come up with something quick and looking awesome!

The fabric had looked awesome online, but when I got the dress in the mail, wow!  It not only fit great but the fabric was just beautiful!  I was planning on waiting to give SAP her Dora dress for a special occasion but I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face, so SAP and I had a fun night running around in our new dresses while SAPsDaDa just shook his head at us!

Having fun in our pretty dresses!

Megan’s dress was one of 2 dresses I packed for my week in San Diego, and I ended up wearing it not once but twice!  First to Social Fiesta where it fit in just perfectly with the Latino culture and then to CheeseburgHer where we had fun being ourselves!  It was great having a dress in my conference wardrobe that I could wear to fancy or laid back events and still feel like I fit in, it was comfy all night long and I could dance and converse without worrying about needing to go change outfits before the next party.

Here I am at BlogHer11, all ready for another night of networking!

Doesn’t the dress look awesome on me?!

SAP herself won’t keep her Dora dress clean…as soon as it’s out of the laundry and she sees us hanging it up it gets put on!  She especially likes to wear it when we go out shopping or to playgroups and festivals…wherever she can show it off I think!  The kids come right up to her to show their parents her Dora Dress!  Of course it’s helpful to carry around some of Megan’s business cards for this reason haha!  The best part is that I had Megan make it a bit longer than other dresses her size, and with the tie shoulder straps this dress will be able to fit her for years!  For the price that’s a great deal on one dress, especially a well loved dress such as this!  I think these would be wonderful Christmas or bday gifts for a little girl and wish I had friends to give them to! All my friends have boys! lol

SAP having so much fun at State Fair in her Dora Dress!

She is wearing her Love Handle Safety Harness over it in this picture.

What I Love about Megan’s Sewing Creations Dresses

  • Comfortable
  • Fits great and can customize length to my preferences
  • Great fabric choices
  • Can be a fancy or a laid back dress!  A dress that will be used quite often!

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Great improvement on the sewing!  I really don’t have many suggestions!  Though SAPsDaDa does love the idea of matching purses for the dresses/tops, and I think a matching little coin purse for the little toddler dresses would be adorable!

Meet Megan’s Sewing Creations!

Finding herself to be a new Stay-At-Home-Mom Megan decided to put her free time toward doing something she loved to do and had not been able to until that point….sew!  She now sews everything from multi-purpose wipes, baby bibs, and diaper bags to custom one-of-a-kind blankets, dresses, tops, and even fabric flowers!  Have an idea for her?  She’d be happy to work with you on creating it!

Here are some other favorite creations of Megan’s I love!

A tube top!  The fabric choices are great for tops like this.

Megan’s fabric flowers are a great accessory to any top, dress, or little girl’s wardrobe!

Buy It!

You can buy anything Megan makes off her Facebook Page!

Thank you to Megan for sponsoring my awesome dress for BlogHer11!  It worked perfectly, and you did a wonderful job!
The product(s) provided for the review (1 Dress made by Megan) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

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