Oct 29, 2011

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Alex + Von 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Review and Giveaway!

When it comes to keeping my household free of harmful chemicals there are some products I am very choosy about and others I am less picky on.  I may not always buy local foods or organic / fair trade clothing if we are short on money that month, but when it comes to my family’s skin care I make no exception and only purchase toxin-free, organic and all-natural products that meet my high expectations.

The skin on your body is your largest organ and it is submitted to so many chemicals, dirt, UV light, and harsh changes in temperature that it needs to be taken care of appropriately to keep it working efficiently and looking great!  Many parents realize this with their little ones when they are first born and their skin is very sensitive, only pure products free of harsh chemicals and containing natural ingredients often are used on our newborns to keep them happy and healthy.

For me I have lived with a genetic acne problem all my life, as does my mother, so it is equally important for me to use only pure products on my skin to keep my acne under control and minimize the scarring it creates.  You can bet when I find a product that does this well I stick to it and become a lifetime loyal customer!

100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set Review

Chrystal, a fellow blogger that writes Happy Mothering blog, invited me to do a review of some of the products she sells at Alex + Von. At Alex + Von she sells three brands of products that are all eco-friendly and non-toxic to ourselves and our environment, including 100% Pure, Suki, and WeeDecor!  After reading up on all the products I felt very overwhelmed with the choices of what to try so Chrystal and I talked for a while to figure out the best product for my skin type and lifestyle needs, finally choosing the 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set!

Purity Skin Care Collection was formulated specifically to give you a clear complexion and to protect against future breakouts. Detoxifying essential oils eliminates the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protects against future breakouts. Acnegenic skin is raw and sensitive and needs skincare that is non pore clogging, gentle and effective.

The 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set includes:

·Purity Cleanser 0.6 oz / 20 ml
· Purity Tonique 2 fl oz / 59 ml
· Purity Spot Treatment 0.6 fl oz / 20 ml
· Facial Cleansing Brush

I have been so used to using my normal routine of skin care products that it was a bit worrisome for me to try something new, and so exciting at the same time!  I received the gift set in the mail a couple days ago and I felt like Christmas had arrived early… and after testing out the Purity line of 100% Pure I think I will be adding these products to my Christmas list this season!

From left to right: Purity Cleansing Brush, Purity Hydrating Tonique, Purity Cleanser, Purity Spot Treatment

Purity Cleanser and Facial Cleansing Brush:

Using the included Face Cleansing Brush in the set I cleanse my face twice a day with the smallest droplet of Purity Cleanser…seriously, I was worried it wouldn’t be enough but I had to scale back how much I used after the first couple times!  The cleanser foams up very nicely and there is a peppermint smell that melts away my stress in the morning and frees my mind of any little headache that might be brewing in the evening before I head to bed.  I rinse it off with a soft wash cloth and feel refreshed and ready for the day!  The brush is helpful with the cleanser as it helps me cleanse my  neck, behind my ears, and other areas that often get easily missed and so are more prone to acne.

Purity Hydrating Tonique:

I was most impressed with the Purity Hydrating Tonique in the set.  Other toners I have to apply with a cottonball or wipe on with my hands, making me feel as if I am dirtying my face after just cleansing it.  With the purity hydrating tonique it is in a spritz bottle…two quick spritzes on my face (with my eyes closed of course!) and I’m ready to go, my hands still dry and no need to make extra waste with cotton balls!  I love that the bottle it comes in is made of glass instead of plastic as I try to reduce the amount of plastic in my household as much as possible, not to mention glass containers are so useful and can easily be reused when I’ve used up all the tonique in it!

Purity Spot Treatment

No skin care routine is complete without a spot treatment product, and the Purity line of 100% Pure delivers.  To target the worst of my acne I dab on some Purity Spot Treatment from the little pump on the tube.  I haven’t seen much difference yet with this product from my regular routine but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.  100% Pure says their spot treatment includes “detoxifying essential oils that kills the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protect against future breakouts”.  I like how this product not only helps solve any problems on my skin but “feeds” it the nutrients it needs, no extra fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

See the Results!


I have just started using the 100% Pure Purity products in my daily skin care routine!  Stay tuned for update posts on the blog over the next couple weeks on how the Purity products have worked for me!  I’m excited to share my experience with you as I try this great line of natural and vegan skin care!


What SAPsMaMa Loves About 100% Pure’s Purity Products:

  • All-natural…no synthetics at all.
  • Free of fragrances, parabens, and other toxins very common in skin care products, even brands often labeled “natural”
  • 100% Vegan for those who live vegan lifestyles
  • Never tested on animals
  • Most ingredient are certified organic
  • Made completely in the USA!
  • I love how these skin care products feel like they are actually caring for my skin instead of stripping it away like some acne care products!  They are healthy for my skin and my skin definitely feels that way from them.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • None of the 100% Pure products or samples I received nor the Alex + Von website included directions for use of the products.  I am a direction-user, from how often I should use a product and how long to cleanse before rinsing, to how long the product is good once open before it expires, so directions and instructions are important to me to ensure I am using the product to it’s utmost efficiency!  After realizing this I received some wonderful guidance from Chrystal on how to best use the products but I would love to see directions added to the product either on the label or in a brochure booklet or sheet in the order, and of course on the website.
  • The Purity Cleanser had a nice peppermint smell to it but I did not so much enjoy the Tonique and spot treatment’s smell.  I love that the products do not include harmful fragrances but other such natural scents like  that of the cleanser from organic essential oils would be a great addition or option.  I look forward to trying some more 100% Pure products in the future to see how they  compare!  Of course SAPsDaDa disagrees with me on this and loves the more natural “just clean” scent that does not cover up how I naturally smell as a women instead of what he is used to.  So I am torn on this subject so far!

Meet Alex + Von

Alex+Von is a new and innovative social selling company that enables women to make income recommending and selling products made by eco-responsible boutique brands – all made in the USA.

Currently, alex+von represents two proven natural and organic skincare brands – 100% Pure and Suki Skincare. Both brands have amazing ingredient integrity, and actually perform as promised.

100% Pure’s mission is to create truly 100% pure, natural, effective and cruelty-free beauty products without the use of synthetic, chemical or toxic ingredients, thickeners or other fillers. As I found out in testing out their Purity line this is very true!

suki is the first and only synthetic-free skin care solution that integrates advanced technology with botanical actives!

Alex + Von also sells weeDECOR!  weeDECOR creates a signature line of eco-friendly decorative wall decals inspired by color, great design and anything that makes children happy.  They won’t damage your walls, and best of all, they’re made in the USA out of high quality, PVC-free bio-degradable fabric!

Connect With Alex + Von via Chrystal Johnson!

Website: http://www.alexandvon.com/?SellerID=279

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/avleader

Twitter: http://twitter.com/HappyMothering

Buy It

You can purchase the 100% Pure Purity Gift Set or any of the Alex + Von products sold (100% Pure, suki, weeDECOR) at http://www.bestnaturalbrands.com!

Win It

Chrystal at Alex + Von would love to give one SAPsMaMa follower a $25 Gift Certificate so you can try one of the wonderful Alex + Von brand products  yourself!

This giveaway is open to US only.


Please enter using the RaffleCopter form below!  This is a very simple, easy, and quick way to enter that will allow me to verify entries quicker and keep your information private!  If there is any issues with the entry form  feel free to email me at sapsmama at yahoo dot com or on facebook/twitter for assistance.

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Good Luck!

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