Oct 26, 2011

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ImagineToys.com Rainbow Sound Blocks Review and Giveaway!

Can you name one toy in your child’s toy-box that they loved playing with as a young infant, and still loved playing with as a toddler?  It helps if the toy is not only entertaining to the child, but that it can teach them new skills at the same time!

The Rainbow Sound Blocks made by Wonderworld sold at Imaginetoys.com are a toy that strikes me as lasting years in our toy-box.  Since day one when I introduced the blocks to SAP she finds something new to do with them each time she pulls them out to play.  Many children love the challenge and joy of stacking and knocking over wooden blocks, now give them wooden blocks that are colorful, make noise, are different shapes and sizes, and can be fit and put together like a puzzle, and you’ll have a toy they will enjoy for years!

We were very happy to hear from Imaginetoys.com that Wonderworld had come out with the Rainbow Sound Blocks!  Wonderworld is a favorite toy company in our household for many reasons that I”m sure many of you know if you have read some of my toy reviews before (such as the Wonderworld Flower Stacker from ImagineToys.com I reviewed !)!  They have great company ethics concerning their environmental impact and plant a tree for every tree cut down to make their toys, and their packaging of their toys is made from at least 70% recycled content.  Besides their environmental ethics in how they run their company their toys are very much safe and toxin free!  The wood is of natural rubber trees that no longer produce latex and any paints used are water based non-toxic paints, safe for the environment and for your child’s health!

The Rainbow Sound Blocks have become a big hit in SAP’s toy-box since they arrived in our house!  There have been many days where she has pulled SAPsDaDa into her room to play blocks with her, and many times SAPsDaDa and I are making a meal together and start to wonder why SAP is so quiet (since this usually happens only when she is causing trouble!), only to rush into her room and find her contently stacking her Rainbow Sound Blocks into their wooden frame and dumping them out again!

SAP stacking the blocks into their frame with SAPsDaDa!  She just HAD to have him there with her, and of course the “door” to the frame had to open and close every time she dropped a block in!

It is hard to choose what SAP’s favorite feature of the blocks is since she uses them in so many different ways, but it seems she very much enjoys the wooden frame to stack the blocks into like a puzzle, figuring out how they fit, and opening/closing the wooden “door” on the top of the frame every time to put a new block in!  SAP has always had a love of jars with lids, boxes that close, and cabinets with their doors, so this is great entertainment for her to just be able to open and close the wooden frame!

SAP trying to figure out how the different shapes and sizes of the blocks fit into the frame…it’s like a puzzle!

SAPsDaDa and I of course have our own favorite “likes” of the blocks, and can’t seem to agree on them!  I love how each block has different sized and amounts of beads inside so they make different sounds!  SAP’s favorite instrument is the maraca and we have a “Samara Maraca!” song we sing and play with her often when SAPsNana is visiting so it is a lot of fun for me and her to shake the blocks and talk about the maraca sounds!

“It’s a maraca mommy!” as SAP shakes the rectangle blocks!  Evidently only the rectangles are “maraca” worthy?!

SAPsDaDa says he likes that the blocks have colored “windows” so you can look through them, though the color mixing does not work well this way as he had hoped.  SAP enjoys this too and runs around with some of the smaller rainbow blocks telling us she is looking through a “periscope!”  Such a smart little girl!  Of course we both agree that we absolutely love that they are made of non-toxic wood and do not have paint on them as we have had wooden toys in the past that contained lead and gave us a scare.  No more of that with these toys and a company we can trust!

SAP looking through her “periscope” and telling me “Mommy’s Yellow!”

Overall we are thrilled with the blocks, how could we imagine such a simple toy would get so much love and teach so many things?!  On Imaginetoys.com you can search for toys based on what skill you want your little one to learn and practice and even though these are filed under “Stack and Sort” blocks and construction toys they teach so much more!  Wonderworld lists skills such as eye-hand coordination, learning volume, sequencing and weight, but for us we use them every day in our Tot School activities for keeping SAP’s attention in teaching her colors, shapes, sizes, how things fit together, and we even try mixing colors somewhat by looking through two different colored blocks at once!  She’s still a bit young for that but I look forward to her learning that skill, not many toys can help with that!  Lately we have been experimenting with the colored blocks and light, shining the flashlight through the blocks to show the color on the wall, or a piece of paper!  This is very entertaining and will keep her busy for a long time, not to mention it makes me smile to see how excited she gets playing with them!

She made me laugh hard when she ran up to me with her “buggy” periscope eyes one day!

What SAPsMaMa Loves about the Rainbow Sound Blocks:

  • A toy that will entertain a child from a young age to an older age!
  • Teaches so many skills!!  Stacking, sorting, colors, shapes, sounds, weights, volume, etc.
  • Calls upon a child’s imagination…just look at how many different things SAP has come up with to play with them already!
  • Completely non-toxic and safe, free of any harmful chemicals
  • Made by a trustworthy company with great environmental ethics
  • Comes with it’s own “box” frame so it can easily be put away and pieces don’t get lost (easily at least!)

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • It would be an improvement if Wonderworld could make it so the blocks could be used for teaching color mixing, so when two different colored blocks are looked through you see the resulting color (such as the yellow and blue would make green!).  For the blocks now some of the color mixing works but some of it does not result in the correct color but more a “lighter” or “darker” shade of a color (blue and yellow would make a lighter blue).  So it’s an idea to work on!
  • The blocks are recommended for 2 years old and up, I know many 1 year olds that would love playing with these blocks and find them very safe (not small enough to be considered a choke hazard), I would suggest changing the age recommendation so parents looking for blocks for their younger child will consider these blocks over others that may offer less!

Meet ImagineToys.com

Imagine Toys is a specialty toy store guided by a mission of providing quality toys that encourage children to use their imaginations.  We’re picky about hte toys we select and strive to offer unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you might find at a mass-market toy store.  Imagine Toys buyers are parents themselves and have taken the time to test products with children of appropriate age to make sure our products offer plenty of fun and educational play value.

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