Oct 23, 2011

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itti bitti Tutto Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I have been cloth diapering for three years now, and in that time tried out dozens on dozens of different cloth diapers. Some I fall in love with right away…for others I learn to love them. Some cloth diapers I get all excited about a certain feature only to have the diaper go in the “to use on diaper wash day” stash, yet others are used as soon as they are out of the dryer and fresh from wash!

The Fuchsia color itti bitti tutto I recieved to review!

I have been using the itti bitti Tutto cloth diaper for the past 3 months and it has brought me through a variety of these “cloth diaper emotions” to the lovely “I can’t wait to put this diaper on my baby’s bum!” phase! When I first received the itti bitti Tutto my main concern was the size…would the Tutto, a one-size cloth diaper, fit SAP at 30+ lbs and going on 3 years old? SAP had been outgrowing many of her one-sized diapers at the time and I had become warry of the “35 lb” weight recommendation of most of her one-sizers, I was pleased to find out that the Tutto is rated to fit a child up until 44 lbs! I do not know another one sized diaper that can fit a child that long!

The itti bitti Tutto fits from 8lbs (on the left) to 44 lbs (on the right)!!

The itti bitti Tutto first captured my attention with it’s minky softness. Every parent wants their child in the utmost of comfort and minky is a super soft fabric! When you combine it with the waterproof material it makes for a fantastic looking and functional cloth diaper that parents can’t help but envy. SAP has been known to hold and “pet” her itti bitti Tutto diaper, telling mommy to “Pet nice” and “soft diaper!” Half the time when I am doing diaper laundry it is not me picking out the diapers to put on her bum, these days she picks her diapers out herself, and the “pink fluffy diaper, momma!” gets picked quite often! I am happy that this diaper has won me over because it would be hard to tell her no with how cute she asks for it!

You can’t help but love the cute fluffy butt of an itti bitti diaper on your little one!

My first impression of the itti bitti Tutto was not the best of first impressions…apart from it’s soft minky appearance it struck me as a bit complicated with it’s multiple inserts. After prepping the diaper and it’s inserts by pre-washing 4 times I no longer remembered the configuration that the inserts had come in, so I decided to go to my trusty cloth diaper community and found a wonderful resource on one of my favorite blogs! Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry had reviewed the itti bitti Tutto diaper and done a video tutorial/review of it, which aided me in learning how to snap the inserts together! After watching her video review and reading the itti bitti website info on their recommendation for older children (large insert with small doubler) I caught on pretty quickly. The Tutto’s inserts have color-coded snaps on each insert that fit perfectly with how it should be snapped into the diaper! Of course, the one thing that made this diaper a bit of a challenge to learn to use is also one of it’s special feature: it’s great customization to your baby’s needs!

I love how the hip snaps have fold-over fabric tabs so they do not touch baby’s skin and make them uncomfortable when they do not need to use them!

Have a little baby? You can use a small snap setting and a small insert! Need extra absorbency for nap time? Snap in the booster! Want to use it for over night? No problem, there is another insert you can snap in! None of the snaps ever touch baby’s skin, though, which is a big plus in my book, they even had little flaps to cover their hip snaps when they are not in use!

You can see I have the mini booster snapped on the large insert on the right, which I would turn over and connect the yellow snaps together on the top there!  Then the medium insert I flip over and connect the purple snaps to each other!  Ends up being four layers in the center of the diaper of bamboo fabric, and all very trim!

Once I got past the Tutto’s learning curve it was not easy street for us quite yet. We were having leak issues that we were having a difficult time diagnosing. The diaper was fully prepped, no ointments or unrecommended detergents were used with it so no buildup was possible, and the size/fit was perfect! In fact, I was quite happy with how well it fit and how comfy it was on SAP that I was very surprised by the leaking issue.

Love the great fit of the itti bitti tutto on my toddler!

After talking to Calley the only thing we could come up with was absorbency as the problem. I was using all 3 included inserts with the Tutto and still having leak issues, so somehow I needed to add more absorbency.  Luckily I’m kind of a cloth diaper addict and have so many types of inserts I was sure to find one that would work with the Tutto!  The Tutto diaper is trim between baby’s legs, which is something we love in certain cloth diapers, it helps SAP move easier during active periods in her day and it also fits wonderfully under pants, including jeans!  It did make finding a diaper doubler that was not a part of the Itti Bitti set a bit of a challenge, however, but we were finally successful with an old GroBaby doubler!

I liked to let SAP run around in just her itti bitti diaper. it was a great conversation starter when everyone saw how cute it looked on her!

Since that first day of adding a simple extra doubler to the Tutto diaper our experience with the itti bitti Tutto has very enjoyable, somewhat like finding that long lost pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and also look AWESOME on you!  You know which pants I”m talking about ladies, we all have them!  That is how I feel with the Tutto, the fit is very reliable, it is certainly an adorable diaper, and you can’t mess with success!  We got the correct amount of absorbency into the Tutto and we have had not a single leak!  I credit the leak-proofness to the wonderful addition of the “Poo-fence” inside of the Tutto diaper.  Even adding extra padding into the diaper it was still surrounded by the “poo-fence” and so there was no leaking out of the diaper.

Three months of using the Tutto in our household, and it has won my love as well as SAP’s, though it was a small adventure to get there!  The Tutto is not a cloth diaper I would leave for the baby sitter to use or SAPsDaDa to “stuff” after washing, but it doesn’t stay on our diaper shelf for long when it’s clean!

**This cloth diaper sticks out from the inside out with an original system to prevent leaks and give you the utmost in sizing and absorbency customization that you could possibly need for your baby, to the many wonderful minkey bright colors and eye-catching limited edition prints!**

What SAPsMaMa Loves about the itti bitti Tutto Cloth Diaper:

  • Will truly fit baby from newborn to potty training, even if your toddler does not potty train right away (up to 44 lbs!)
  • Great customization options in diaper absorbency
  • Loved the customer service and help I received when I had problems with the diaper, very helpful and helped me solve my problem!
  • Very soft fabrics, inside and out!
  • No snaps ever touch baby (even the hip snaps are covered by fabric flaps when  not in use)
  • Insert snaps are color coded to aid in snapping them in place correctly in the diaper
  • Wonderful fit, good form, and very trim between the legs even when all inserts are in use in the diaper
  • “Poo-Fence ” feature in the diaper keeps all messes in, and no leaks
  • Great bright colors and prints to choose from
  • The style of the Tutto fits great under baby’s pants (even jeans!)

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Only the Mini-booster is available (in microfiber and bamboo) for adding extra absorbency to the Tutto diaper, it would be great to have a larger booster, possibly in hemp, for heavy wetting toddlers or for overnight use.
  • It would be extremely helpful to have a video on the Itti Bitti website explaining to customers how to use the Itti Bitti Tutto visually, focusing on how to use the inserts.  Although they are color coded there is a bit of a learning curve and this would be very helpful for those new to cloth diapering!  Another option would be to include a step by step guide using photo images to show how the diaper is used.

Meet itti bitti

itti bitti is an Australian company that started in 2005 and has grown phenomenally, with itti bitti diapers now being sold in 25 countries!  itti bitti launched into the USA in March 2011.

Moms worldwide love the ultra trim fit, gorgeous fabrics, superior quality, amazing performance,and the rainbow of colors.

Connect With itti bitti

Website: http://ittibitti.us/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ittibittius

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ittibittius

Buy It

You can purchase the itti bitti tutto or any itti bitti product at Eco-Distribution USA or any or their US Retailors!

Also available internationally, check their Stockist Directory!

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itti bitti would like to give one lucky SAPsMaMa follower an itti bitti tutto one-size cloth diaper of their own!  itti bitti will choose color.


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