Oct 30, 2011

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Operation Potty Train SAP Initiated!!

The time has come…

This has been a LONG time coming for SAP, and I think partially SAPsDaDa and my own fault as hers why she was not potty trained sooner, but no more messing around, it is time!

Operation Potty Train!!

The Subject: SAP

Features: Curly brown hair, blue eyes, 2.5 years old, loves puppies and cookies

History: Potty trained at 10 months old, relapsed when put in daycare.  Potty Training was put on hold due to large events and changes  in her life and revisited a couple months ago until SAP expressed fear of using the potty and showed refusal.  Once again Potty Training was decidedly post-poned.

Present: Presently the subject SAP has shown the ability to hold her potty and has gone less often throughout the day.  She has also told SAPsMaMa and SAPsDaDa when her diaper is “wet” and takes her diaper off when it is so.  It has been decided to go forward with Operation Potty Train at the earliest convenience.

Initiation of Operation Potty Train

Last Wednesday evening I was working my job (as the Working Mother I am) and received my next week’s work schedule…only to find out that I had the next 5 WHOLE DAYS off!!  I mean …wow.  5 days off work, it had been so long since I had even 3 days in a row of no work, what was I going to do?!  I could sew!  Upload pictures, type up and print out holiday cards early!  I could try out all kinds of new recipes I have wanted to!  Or the dreadful “clean the desk” and “pay the bills” or “run errands” that all needed to be done.

Then it came to me.  What NEEDED to be done.  SAP was ready to be potty trained, SAPsDaDa did not have the patience to do so or the knowledge of how to do so (even though he is Stay at Home Dad).  With these 5 days off I would buckle down and go ALL OUT and potty train SAP!

Operation Potty Train would start Thursday October 27th!!!  … right after SAP got back from prechool and we had lunch of course!  🙂

You’re Invited!

I invite you all to follow along as SAP goes through the Potty Training experience of a toddler that has spent her life in cloth diapers and loves them…and a mom who loves testing out and blogging about those cloth diapers!  Come join us in figuring out this Potty Training experience together! I will update as often as we have news and share with your our successes and failures, it will surely be an interesting time!

Of course we will only use Cloth training pants (not disposable!) and we will test our “green” potty training options!  If you have something you would like to see tested out or a question you have let me know!

  1. Leslie Guenther says:

    I would love to know what cloth training pants you are using. We are starting with my son but he gets so distracted it is hard to get him to go when he needs too. We have been using disposable but I am trying to transition all my children into cloth. Wanted to use cloth from the start but we lived in Germany and had a shared laundry room. Now we have our own washer and dryer so I would love to be more environmentally friendly.