Oct 10, 2011

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Teas’ Tea Review!

For the past year I have been trying to not only eat more healthy for myself and my family, but also drink more healthy!  Once believing that juice and milk was great for the body I am now looking into every liquid I drink and choosing beverages that not only taste good, but are beneficial to my health as well.

One of the major changes I have made is to drink more tea!  I love herbal teas the most, but am trying multiple types these days.  SAPsDaDa has always been a big tea drinker and so when I told him we were trying Teas’ Tea it was one review we could sit down and do together!  That is one thing about tea..it is definitely a nice social drink!

Teas’ Tea is a premium tea, authentically brewed, GMO free, all-natural with natural cane sugars, and having no artificial flavorings.  It is all these things that attracted me to trying their specific brand of tea over others!  They offer several flavors in three varieties: A classic sweetened tea, a low-calorie lightly sweetened tea, and an unsweetened tea.  So something for everyone.

For this review I was sent to try the Low-Calorie Mango Oolong Tea and the Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea.  Both flavors were new to SAPsDaDa and I, we normally drink herbal teas or plain green tea, so it was quite interesting to try these flavors.

The Jasmine Tea definitely had a flowery smell and taste to it, completely the Jasmine  I would expect, but was a bit too much for both of us.  Since it was unsweetened we decided to try it with a bit of our organic cane sugar, and that made it taste pretty good.  I would say it is not our favorite flavor though, definitely one that tasted as it if would be popular with teenage girls or collage students!

We then tried the lightly sweetened Mango Tea and I think this is perfect for me!  I like the fruity flavor but yet it still tastes like tea.  It struck me as something I would drink after working out at the gym, a nice light tea, or while I am sitting at my desk at work!

The Mango and Jasmine Teas that SAPsDaDa and I drank up!

Since SAP was awake and not liking being left out of drinking the “juice” as she called it we let her have some of both teas with her lunch that day, and she liked it!  I think she was surprised by the unusual taste compared to her white grape juice that is her usual, it might be a nice change for her every now and then.

Overall I like the varieties of the tea, not only in flavor but in sweet, unsweetened, or lightly sweetened, giving consumers an option.  I like the sweetened tea and knowing that they sweeten with natural cane sugars makes me not feel horrible for drinking and enjoying a sweeter tea! Many of the flavors look good to me, though I would love to see more herbal flavors.

What SAPsMaMa Loves About Teas’ Tea:

  • Made with natural cane sugar as a sweetener
  • No artificial ingredients or GMOs
  • A great selection of flavors and varieties

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • I would like to see more herbal flavors for those of us who wish to enjoy a  tea like this in the herbal flavors we like.
  • Consider recycled packaging for your bottles and labels!  Go more green!

Meet Teas’ Tea

To us here at TEAS’ TEA and ITO EN, Drinking Right is as important of a message as Eating Right.

The tradition of “Drinking Tea” to maintain good health dates back to early Buddhist texts and Chinese manuals on healing herbs. Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) is described as being a potent medicine to promote good health and longevity.

Drinking tea has been known to keep the mind alert and treat ailments ranging from the common cold to indigestion. With today’s growing interest in holistic ways of health and wellness, the tea culture as a “slow” life enjoyment, and as healing remedy is on the rise.

Connect with Teas’ Tea

Website: www.ItoEn.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ItoEn

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Ito_en

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