Nov 21, 2011

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100% Pure Purity Gift Set Review Update!

First, if you have not checked out my initial review and giveaway of Alex & Von 100% Pure go do that NOW!!  It ends TOMORROW!!

This is my update of the 100% Pure Purity  Gift Set I received from Chrystal at Alex & Von to review!  When I wrote my initial review I had not had much time to test it out first so wanted to follow up with my results now that it has bee a couple weeks!

The 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set includes:

·Purity Cleanser 0.6 oz / 20 ml
· Purity Tonique 2 fl oz / 59 ml
· Purity Spot Treatment 0.6 fl oz / 20 ml
· Facial Cleansing Brush

I find myself using the Purity skin care products more often than products I have used in the past due to their small compact size making it very convenient to take them with me!  To keep my acne in check I need to wash my face at least a couple times a day, sometimes more.  This is especially essential after I finish with work and after I finish working out!  The products aren’t just in smaller convenient sizes but they are more concentrated, so you only need to use a small amount of cleanser to achieve the desired cleansing. I really like this about them.

Over all I have not seen a significant improvement with the products compared to those I was using before, but I have also not had any major breakouts either!  It is not easy for me to find a product that is natural and keeps my acne in control so these are definitely on my list.  I have found they work better for the skin on my chest and shoulder area than for my face so have been using the cleanser, tonique and spot treatment there as well with great success.

The facial cleansing brush has stayed very soft and pliable, giving the cleansing needed even after weeks of use.  Sometimes brushes get hard even if they are rinsed out every time but this one is staying soft and dries nicely, plus it look nice sitting on my bathroom counter, not at all unpleasant to look at!

There’s over a dozen scents to choose from in the Nourishing Body Cream!

When I first started using the Purity line of 100% Pure products Chrystal suggested that I use a moisturizer as well with them as the products do tend to dry out your skin.  Since I have not had this problem with other acne care products I thought I could do without, but Chrystal was right!  I was happy that she had sent me some samples of the Honey Almond Nourishing Body Cream with my order and so I tried this as a moisturizer on my face once every couple days.  WOW does it smell delicious!  I was not a fan of the smell of the products in the purity line but adding the nourishing body cream to my routine changed that!  It smelled so good it made me hungry every time I put it on!  It made my skin so soft I wished I had more to use on the rest of my body!

I did run into some trouble with the tonique spray bottle, the spray nozzle stopped working and it’s a bit more difficult to apply in other ways.  Definitely miss the spray nozzle!  Chrystal told me she would try to get me a replacement but until then I am just using my travel spray bottle and it is working fine, but it’s just not as nice as their glass bottle it comes in!

The 100% Pure Purity products have definitely found a place in my everyday skin care routine and have shown their ability well, I am excited to continue trying new 100% Pure products after getting some of the samples of body cream and eye cream andseeing how delicious they smell and wonderful they work!


I received some samples of weeDECOR, also sold at Alex & Von!  weeDECOR is not just another wall decal, it is made out of high quality fabrics!  That means it is PVC free (making it non-toxic to baby and you!), bio-degradable, AND reusable!  You get your money’s worth and a super cute unique decoration!

I tested out their baby owl and small turtle decals in SAP’s room and not only did SAP love them but I love how adorable and cute they are!  The decals are modern looking and eye-catching, not something she would grow out of liking in a couple years, and they are easily removable and reusable, so when we move we will not have to worry about damaging the walls of the apartment we are in or purchasing new decorations for her room again, it’s a one time deal!

Here are the cute weeDECOR decals we put in SAP’s room!  She is sleeping right now so couldn’t get a pic of them on her walls but I will soon!

These decals felt high-quality, not thin vinyl I have used before that claims to be reusable but when it comes to taking it down it becomes impossible to keep it in good shape to reuse.  With the large variety of decals they have and even seasonal ones I can see every room of our house having these modern decals!  My thoughts go to how they will stand up to bathroom humidity because these would be adorable in SAP’s bathroom….


What do I want to try next from Alex & Von?

After my experience testing out some of the 100% Pure  products and seeing the quality of the weeDECOR I have a wish list of what I want from Alex & Von!  Here’s a top few!

100% Pure Yummy Ice Cream Gift Set of Shampoo/Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Body Cream for kids! This would be perfect for SAP!

Suki Body and Hair Gift Set!  I have heard great things about Suki and this would be a great way to try out some of their products and feel like I’m pampering myself a little bit!

weeDECAL’s Personalized Solo Owl decal!  This would look super cute in SAP’s room (with her name of course!)

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