Nov 13, 2011

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Crunchy Crochet Organic Monster Hat Review: Made With Love Sponsor (11/8 – 11/13) Ends Tonight!!

Crunchy Crochet has sponsored an Organic Crocheted Monster Hat in the Made With Love Event!  Enter your mandatory entry on the main Made With Love Event post between November 8th – 13th to enter to win this prize and other awesome prizes!


Purple “Goofy” Monster Hat from Crunchy Crochet!

Hats are more than just a necessity to keep your head warm with a child.  To a child a hat is something to wear, something you can have fun with, something you can use for dress-up and play pretend games wearing!  A hat brings their imagination alive!

SAP looking for “stink buggies” using her pretend magnifying glass! She had to hunt them wearing her Monster Hat!

SAP has had special hats in the past but none of them as nice as the monster hat that was crocheted for her from Crunchy Crochet.  Made from organic yarns in any color you want with any expression you want it can be personalized to your child’s personality.  For SAP I had made a purple monster hat with a “silly” or “goofy” expression…because that’s how I view my little girl, she’s goofy!

My goofy little girl wearing her Monster Hat and picking movies!

SAP knew what it was the first time she saw the hat.  I told her I had a surprise for her and showed her, she said “It’s a Monster mama!”.  Then when I put it on her head and asked her what a monster does she started running around going “rawr rawr rawr!”.  So instead of having one annoying little SAP running around I though this would be the perfect time and cute factor to wake up one sleeping SAPsDaDa!  Late morning nap is over, here comes monster SAP!  She had fun with that!

SAP waking up Daddy being a monster!  Rawr Rawr!  Of course SAPsDaDa retaliated with Tickle Attack!

She wore it off and on throughout the day depending on what game or toy she was playing at the time, I let her experiment with it.  The work was well done and it was durable to a toddler’s play which I was happy about, I’m sure she’ll get lots of use out of it in her adventures!   SAP is unique in how she wears her hats, she will NOT let us put them on her facing forwards!  She always thinks it has to face the opposite way!  It’s quite cute.

From behind it looks like the monster is looking at you because SAP likes to wear it backwards!

One thing I did notice about the Monster hat is although it fits on SAP’s head and plenty wide, it has a hard time staying on her with her bushy curls!  I think it would be helpful if it was a bit more stretchy, or if it was made to the circumference measurement of SAP’s head so it would stay on better.  The only time this really becomes a problem is when she wants to wear the monster hat outside the house, and she has tried taking it to preschool a couple times which ended in an upset SAP when I told her no monster at school!  So if the hat was a bit more fitted or a little longer like down to her ears it would work better for her!  SAP loves it either way, I don’t think she gives a preference!

SAP laying on the couch counting the teeth on the monster hat!  I thought this was very cute.

What SAPsMaMa Loves about the Organic Crocheted Monster Hat:

  • Made from Organic yarn
  • Handmade! Very unique item.
  • Well put together and can withstand rough toddler play
  • Can personalize it with picking color of yarn and expression of monster
  • Enhances a little one’s imagination!

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Size the hats based on the kid’s head circumference to ensure a good fit!
  • Give option of how far down they would like the hat to go.  To the ears? More of a cap on top of the head?  Or even flaps for the cold winter months!

Meet Crunchy Crochet!

Crunchy Crochet hand-crochets every item, mostly from organic yarn!  She not only makes cute hats like her signiture Monster Hats but also themed hats and photo props.  Take a look at some of my favorites!

Turkey Hat!  This is adorable.

An example of crochet photo props.  This is booties and a dino hat.  Take a look at the cute pic they took with it!

Connect with Crunchy Crochet:


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Crunchy Crochet is Giving away an Organic Crocheted Monster Hat of winner’s color and expression!  Enter on the main Made With Love Post during the event to win!
  1. Those hats R adorable! My God Daughter would look just as cute in one of these. I want one or two! 🙂

  2. So cute! I love how colorful it is. Great details too, sure to get lots of compliments!
    Dianna at

  3. Oh boy! I love these hats. I prefer handmade items for our little one as often as possible and it’s nice when they are durable and will withstand wear and tear for years. Great review, thank you!

    ~Alisha with One Little Indian

  4. These are so cute! I know my 3 would love them!

  5. Those are so stinking cute! lol

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  7. Oh my goodness those hats are adorable!

  8. Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you.


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