Nov 5, 2011

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Made With Love Event Sponsor: CuddleMonkey Wool Soaker Longies Review/Giveaway!

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Have you ever heard of wool soakers for a cloth diaper cover on your little one?  They’re quite popular for those who need to use natural fibers on their baby as synthetic materials like PUL and nylon that are common in other diaper covers can irritate baby!  Knit wool soakers and longies  (or shorties and even skirties!) are super cute and very effective as a cover or even as stylish cute pants on your little one, but who can afford those prices on hand knit wool longies?!  Not me!

Here is a way to save money, get your little one in natural wool covers/longies, and be even more eco-friendly!  Upcycled wool longes!

Cuddle Monkey “Winter Woolies-Special Snowflake Edition”! Don’t they look warm and cozy?

Upcycled wool diaper covers are covers and longies (pants) that are made from old wool sweaters, just cut up and sewn together!  Not all upcycled wool soakers/longies are the same though, there are many different types of wool to start out with, and each has a different feel, some even have great designs like cabeling  in them!  The wool longies  made by Cuddle Monkey had some great features to them that none of our other wool longies in our collection could relate to, and it will last us for years because of this, making me very happy!

SAP looks adorable in her wool longies and wool winter hat! The longies are cuffed at the bottom, they are long enough to last her a couple years at least!

SAP is going on 3  years old now, quite a bit taller than she was last year this time, and her night cloth diaper has gotten even fluffier with her heavier wetting behavior!  So we have had some issues with her wool longies we have no longer fitting her!  Sad day!  Wool keeps our little one dry at night and warm during the day when she’s out playing at preschool, so wool longies are a must in our family!

SAP waking up one day from her  nap, she had slept longer being nice and warm in her wool longies!

When I spoke with Kathy at Cuddle Monkey about how SAP was outgrowing her wool longies and had trouble fitting them over the night diaper I asked her to make the woolies a bit longer than she normally would since we would just roll them up at the bottom to whatever size we wanted them, and also to make them more roomy in the “bum” area of the wool pants!  The problem with having more room for SAP’s “junk in the trunk” was it might fall down during the daytime when she doesn’t have a fluffy bum….so I left the design to Kathy and waited excitedly for our woolie surprise to come in the  mail!

The wool tie to keep the woolies on worked great for keeping the longies on during the day, and snug over her  night diaper!

I was very happy with the wool longies SAP received.  They are a great neutral gray color that matches the winter here in Wisconsin wonderfully with it’s snowflake pattern!  The cabeling on the legs of the woolies make them stand out and look very unique, getting SAP lots of attention and compliments when we took her outside in them!

Great snowflake and cabeling pattern on the longies made an attractive pair of every day pants during cold weather!

My favorite part about the woolies was that YES they were long enough we could roll and cuff the bottoms of the longies!  YES we could fit them over SAP’s night time diaper fluff!  and YES they would still stay up during the day and not fall down!  Why was this last part possible?  Well Kathy had created a wool draw string for the top of the woolies so we could tie them on …it looks super cute!  I had not thought of that idea and am glad she did!  I do think they are a bit too roomy in the front of the woolies, but otherwise they are wonderful and will last us  years, what a great investment for any family, cloth diapering or not!

A bit too roomy in front, but the baggy look is so adorable on SAP!

There was one surprise I had not expected with our wool longies: the longies have a sewn in soaker area!  I am not just talking about extra padding to increase the wool’s soaker ability, but an actual area to insert a soaker pad of your own choice so it can become an actual soaker!  I have not used this function in the longies yet but am thinking with Potty Training SAP I will add a thin soaker to the longeies in case she has an accident in her undies!  I’m excited to give it a try.

You can see in the center how you can “stuff” the longies with a soaker if you want…very cool!

We have successfully used these longies at night time and kept her bed dry from a leaky night diaper and also when we went out for a Magical  Halloween Walk one night!  Instead of wearing a costume she wore her snowflake winter wool longies, a gray sweater, and her gray bunny wool hat!  she looked super adorable and was warm and dry, even though it rained!  I love wool’s magic way with moisture!  Cuddle Monkey also lanolized the longies herself before shipping them so they were ready to use and came with great care instructions so everyone can make their soaker water-resistant!

Playing outside in her wool longies, they kept her warm and dry!

What SAPsMaMa Loves About the Wool Longies:

  • Made from upcycled materials!
  • Great eye-catching pattern with the snowflakes and cableing
  • The tie at the top keeps the longies on great during the day and night
  • Enough room to accommodate a fluffy night time diaper!
  • Long enough to last us years and still look cute with the legs rolled a bit.
  • The soaker insert area in the woolies is a great option for those who need extra absorbency or for potty training purposes!

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • A bit too roomy in the front of the longies, but perfect in back for a fluffy diaper! I’d suggest to make the front a bit smaller.
  • Needs a Cuddle Monkey tag!  We all love the little monkey 🙂

Meet Cuddle Monkey!

Cuddle Monkey products are hand-made with love entirely by me. You’ll find eco-friendly cloth baby wipes, wool soakers, wraps, slings, water-ring slings, ring slings, mei teis, wet bags, herbal compresses, shea butter and goats milk lavender hand soap, memory blankets and soon to be OBV fitted cloth diapers. Custom orders are adored. Give me an idea that’ll inspire me to make you a beautiful Cuddle Monkey creation!

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