Nov 27, 2011

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Disney’s The Muppets are in Theaters!

The Muppets are Here!

Disney’s The Muppets came out this past Thanksgiving, have you seen the movie yet?

Disney gave me the opportunity to see the premier of the muppets last weekend before it was released, and it was a special treat for SAPsDaDa and I!  Since SAP is still too young for the theaters she got to spend the day with SAPsNaNa and the hubby and I took some time to ourselves: A Muppets Date!

Let me be honest with you first: I am scared of Muppets.  I know, it’s weird, they  just kind of creep me out a little!  But SAPsDaDa LOVES the Muppets and really wanted to see the movie!  So this was my special treat to him.  I have to say, although I am not a huge Muppet fan, I thought the movie was cute!  I would definitely prefer SAP watching The Muppets to some other kids shows out these days and all the characters were very interesting with their unique personalities!  I look forward to The Muppets coming out on DVD so SAP can watch it with her Daddy and they can create some great memories together!

So, unlike me, SAPsDaDa grew up with The Muppets and absolutely loves them!  When I went to see the movie I was seeing if it would be a good family and kids movie (which it most definitely is!), but for SAPsDaDa he was there to compare this “return of the Muppets” to the old Muppets movies he loves so much.  Here’s what he had to say!:

“The new Muppet move follows the classic formula that has been used in most of the movies, with new songs and a new character. In the new songs that the writers use in this movie they move away from the upbeat style to a more comedic format, a type of parody that kind makes fun of the older movie but is still funny to watch. The use and style of this music I believe is over used in this movie but it does take form to the eventual meaningful song that is towards the end of the film. My only dislike of this new “Muppets” is the ending of the movie, I feel it could have been made a bit better.  I did enjoy that there are main cameo appearances in this movie just like all of the classic movies!   Although most of the younger generation may not notice them in the old movies the writers keep it up in The Muppets with a few of the Disney young Stars showing up and even a few classic stars. I have hope that this will be the beginning of the return of the Muppets, who I have missed and hope to see more of soon!”

Hope your family loves The Muppets, another Disney classic that new and old can enjoy!
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Disclosure: I was given passes to The Muppets Premier by Disney, this in no way influenced my review.

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