Nov 16, 2011

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MyClyns 100% Natural Food Wash Review

When I can, I buy local and organic to ensure that my family not only is getting the best in nutrition with the least amount of environmental impact, but also to ensure that harmful chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. are not used in the growing and storage of the food.

However, I cannot always ensure that all the food I get is safe, free of harmful chemicals, or even clean.  It may say organic but it still has wax on it that traps dirt and other chemicals to it!   Being sure our food is healthy for us to eat is a number one priority of mine, and MyClyns Food Wash helps ensure me that this is what happens!

The easy to spray food wash is very handy for on the go or any prep for meals!

MyClyns Food Wash is made from natural ingredients and using it even maintains organic and vegan distinction!  MyClyns is rated to remove 98% more chemicals, wax and contaminates than water alone, giving me the assurance I need that my food is free of unwanted chemicals.

I was a bit iffy about using a food wash on our meats and fish, but have been readily using it the past few weeks on our veggies and fruits!  This was especially true of anything I purchased with our WIC checks, since they do not allow the purchase of organic foods with the checks or the use of the checks at “specialty” stores the veggies and fruit we end up getting I do not know much of anything about (where did it come from?  How was it grown?  etc.), let alone if it was clean to eat!   With MyClyns it solves that problem for me and we can eat without worrying so much.

My Apple Taste testing test!

Recently I did a taste test of apples with SAPsDaDa and SAP to see what they thought of the MyClyns Food Wash.  The middle 2 apples I left unwashed, just plain as they were picked from the tree!  The 2 apples on the left were washed in regular water, no soap or nothing.  The 2 apples on the right were washed with MyClyns and rinsed in regular water.  Visually you can readily see which apples were washed at all and which weren’t !  Of course SAPsDaDa and SAP picked the shiny clean apples to eat!

Taste wise we could not tell a difference between the MyClyns and the water washed apples, and I count as good news, I was a bit worried of a “soapy” taste of some sorts!  They may have looked a bit cleaner but you couldn’t tell the difference from the water washed apples very  much as these apples were picked by us from a local orchard, not covered in wax or anything from the store.  Overall no bad taste and it seemed to clean quite well!  My only dislike so far would be how I first have to clean the food with the food wash, then rinse it in water, seems like one extra step when I’m used to just rinsing food in water first!  For our health and safety, however, I feel one little extra step in our food prep routine is probably a good thing!

What SAPsMaMa Loves About MyClyns Food Wash:

  • Certified kosher and maintains organic/vegan disinction
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Keeps food tasting good, no aftertaste after washing
  • Great for ensuring your food is clean and free of chemicals when on the run or are unsure of your food’s condition
  • Removes the wax etc. that is put on foods to keep them “fresh” but may in fact trap unwanted chemicals

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • I don’t much like the extra step of washing with the food wash, wipe clean, then rinse and dry off the food, it’s extra steps than I am used to taking, and some food is difficult to wipe clean for washing with the food wash.  I feel I will get lazy and not rinse after washing after a while!  So a solution that may be diluted a bit that doesn’t need to be rinsed after washing would be nice to have for those who are a bit lazy like me!

Product Information

Did you know that even organic produce can contain natural fertilizers, dirt and other residues? How can you better protect your family from ingesting potentially harmful contaminants?

Get your fruits, vegetables, meats and fish cleaner by removing 98% more chemicals, wax and contaminants than water alone with MyClyns® Food Wash.

MyClyns Food Wash is 100% Natural and rinses away clean, leaving no aftertaste or smell… just the taste and nutrition that nature intended.

MyClyns Food Wash is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. Use of MyClyns Food Wash maintains organic and vegan distinction.

Available in a 12 oz spray and a 32 oz wash.

Learn more and see a demo at:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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