Nov 1, 2011

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Pumpkin Picking…Pumpkin oh Pumpkin Where Are You?!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

We went pumpkin picking at a local farm a couple weeks ago!  Of course I just HAD to dress SAP up in her cute pumpkin dress and baby leggings!  She was so much like a pumpkin we could have lost her in the pumpkin patch!  lol

SAP so excited she is pushing our wagon!

Pumpkin oh pumpkin where are you?!  She wanted a little pumpkin, not these “big” pumpkins!

SAP and the first pumpkin she’s picked out herself!  She liked her “Little Pumpkin” and kept giving it hugs!

  1. SO cute. My boys loved going to pick a pumpkin. But I dressed them as farmers.

  2. I LOVE her dress.