Dec 13, 2011

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Cloth Diaper Guessing Game with Prizes!


Here are ALL of SAP’s pocket, AIO and fitted cloth diapers that were in her final rotation come potty training time… except the 18 or so BumGenius 3.0 we started with of course!

To have some fun with the “End of Diapers” I am hosting a Cloth Diaper Guess game on the SAPsMaMa Facebook Fan Page!  This picture and close up pics as well as instructions and prizes are listed in the main picture, let’s have some FUN!

Bye Bye Diapers!  🙂

I will be selling some diapers and trainers after this Cloth Diaper Guess game is over (Ends in 1 Week!), if you are looking for Large or One Size used cloth diapers or Disposable flushable liners and inserts for GroVia keep on the look out, they will also be listed on the Facebook page!

Have fun!

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