Dec 18, 2011

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Eco-Emi Eco-Friendly Sample Box Review!

Going Green and learning how to live using more natural products takes time to adjust, and it can be difficult to find products that work for your individual family.  Not to mention the price!  Ever wish you could just try a little of everything before you make a decision?

With Eco-Emi you can!  Subscribe to Eco-Emi and receive once a month a box of 5-10 organic, natural, eco-friendly samples!  What can you expect?  Everything from make up and candles to homemade soaps, yummy organic foods, or even different teas!

Here’s what my September Eco-Emi sample box looked like when I opened it!

I am a recent subscriber to Eco-Emi after I got the chance to review their September sample box and fell in love with it!  The box not only contained great organic/natural items that fit my morals and contained products I would actually use!  Also, how it was wrapped up and presented was so clever and appealing!  From the paper doing the wrapping to the string used to tie it it was all eco-friendly through and through!

I love how the Eco-Emi Sample Boxes are displayed so nicely with only eco-friendly wrapping and there is info and coupons on all the products!

Besides wonderful presentation of the samples I was very happy that my sample box came with information on all of the companies and products included…I tend to use the product and come back later looking as to how to get more and so this literature is a must have in my opinion!  In some cases there were even coupon discount codes…always a plus!  Eco-Emi includes in each box a card with a personal message and a list of every item and a short detailed description and price of the item so you know exactly what you are getting.  All of this together helps me stay much more organized than I was previously with my samples I had gotten in other subscriptions, and since Eco-Emi is geared toward only eco-friendly products, it is now the only sample box I am now receiving!  Once you get the best, you leave the rest!

Look at all the samples I received!

Here is what I received in the Eco-Emi September Sample Box:

Aura Cacia Organic Milk and Oat Bath

Aura Cacia bath salts and soaks come in easy to use packets!  In the past I have tried their bath salts but never their bath soaks like this Organic Milk and Oat Bath, so I was excited to try it!  I used half the packet at first but then decided to go all the way and pour the rest in!  The water was a nice cloudy color from the milk and oats and I could smell a great lavender lemony smell to it that was calming and relaxing!  I soaked for a half hour and felt nice and relaxed and my skin nice and smooth!  I almost didn’t want to put my lotion on afterward like I usually do after showering and bathing!  For only $2.63 a packet and knowing it contains all organic ingredients I feel this is a cheap way to relax from a hard day at work or at home with the kids and something we should be hinting to our significant others to treat us to more often…it’s so inexpensive they can’t argue!

Juice Beauty Organic Kisses Lip Gloss

I used to love using lip gloss when I was younger, I loved that it was nice and shimmery and I did not have to reapply it often like chap-stick.  I also wasn’t a fan of lip stick at all so gloss was a great alternative.  Since I’ve gone eco-friendly and use only  non-toxic products I have not found a lip gloss that has satisfied me and fits my memories of what I like in a lip gloss, so it was a great experience to try Juice Beauty’s Organic Kisses Lip Gloss in the Champagne color!  It went on smooth and shimmered like I had hoped, kept my lips nice and moist so I wouldn’t have to reapply it often!  The Champagne color is definitely my color, it’s a nice natural color that does not stand out much and fits my personality well, I think some of their other colors would work well for me too!  The sample/travel size I received I don’t think will last very long though their set of 4 travel sizes  for $16.50 is a great way to try them all and see what works for you before buying a full size gloss at $15.00 each…definitely a must have for all women who want to look pretty on a night out without having to resort to lip stick or cosmetics that might not be organic and non-toxic!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Eye Shadow, Sandalwood Color

One thing I never got into even as a teen was wearing make-up.  I loved the natural feeling of my skin!  But there are occasions when I want to wear something a little extra to make the night extra special, whether it is my best friend’s wedding, a high school reunion, or an anniversary dinner with me and hubby!  Since these nights have been more common I have been in the search for natural and organic make-up that will still let me look like “me” but accent my features more!  The Sandalwood Color of Eye Shadow by Lauren Brooke Cosmetics is the perfect shade for me, it’s a nice natural color and it goes on nice and even, lasting the whole night.  SAPsDaDa loved the treat of seeing me in a little make up! $8 for a jar of eye shadow color isn’t a bad bargain for organic cosmetics!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Perfume, Enchant Scent

I was wonderfully surprised by the Enchant Organic Perfume also made by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques!  It is a cinnamon vanilla scent that fits my personality perfectly!  I have searched a long time for a perfume that not only fits my morals of organic/eco-friendly but also my personality.  For some reason all female perfumes are either flowery or fruity smelling…most definitely  not me!  I was using essential oils as a type of perfume but with the Enchant scent (and maybe I’ll like her other scents too!) I won’t have to!  What was SAPsDaDa’s reaction?  He says this would be perfect for fall through winter (Thanksgiving, Xmas etc.) time but any other time of year you might not want to smell like a pumpkin pie.  He did say it also gave him cravings for pumpkin pie, but he overall liked it and said it was most definitely me! Get your own perfume for $10 each!  Since I don’t use it too often that will last a LONG time!  Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques also included a 15% off code in the sample box to help with my next order!

Bubble and Bee Organic Lip Balm, Peppermint Cocoa Flavor

Peppermint is a favorite of mine for lip balms, I love the tingling sensation when I put it on!  So the Peppermint Cocoa Flavor of Bubble and Bee Organic Lip Balm was perfect for me for every day use!  It went on very smooth and lasted a long time, the scent was great and SAPsDaDa loved kissing me when I had Bubble and Bee on my lips but it wasn’t an overpowering scent so I felt comfortable using it at work!  The ingredients in the lip balms is great with real cocoa butter, beeswax for sealing in moisture, and organic sunflower oil…I feel like I want to try all of their great flavors!  What’s next on my list?  Karma Apple and Rude Raspberry!  Yum!!  I think at the price of only $2.99 each for certified organic lip balm I can probably get them all if I wanted!  Bubble and Bee also included a 15% off code with the EcoEmi box….think I”ll order those lip balms now!

Honey Pax 100% Pure Raw Unproessed Honey

Honey has a lot of beneficial nutrients that is helpful for growing bodies and when you’re feeling sick…or any time!  I love honey in my teas as well as on toast or in rice pudding…yum!  Honey Pax are a great way to have honey with you wherever you go now, without those little plastic throw away containers!  My favorite thing about Honey Pax is not necessarily the honey itself or even it’s great on-the-go convenience, but the awesome environmental ethics they have!  The honey is only harvested a few weeks out of the year in a pristine ecosystem and they provide you with your honey’s hive code so you can see where you honey comes from!  Very cool!  The packets?  Oh they are made with 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper and printed with 100% water-soluble inks, packaged in a carbon-neutral facility and transported with Smartway certified green trucks!  Can you say WOW?! I’m won over!  Honey Pax are $19.95 for 20 travel packs so just a $1 a pack!

Tea Forte Minteas, Retreat Flavor

The Minteas from Tea Forte have become a must-have in my daily life!  Their Retreat Flavor is wonderful for use at work and at home because of the lemongrass, Japanese yuzu and chamomile in them helps you relax and de-stress while freshening your breath!  When you can’t have your cup of tea have a Mintea!  I’m excited that these are available in a store nearby me because I love the flavor and they really do help me get through the day.  Lemongrass yuzu not your flavor?  Try a lime majito, cocoa mate or any other flavor they offer! $2.99 each, a bargain for the amount of mints you get in each tin, I haven’t went through mine yet in 3 months and I share!

Eden Organic Vegetable Shell Pasta

We love pasta in our household, but SAP does not readily eat it.  When I received the sample of the Eden Organic Vegetable Shell Pasta I cooked it up for SAP for a meal one day and she ate it!  She loved the different colored shells and I loved that she was eating something healthy!  Not only is it organic, but it’s whole grain and made with vegetables!  Kids will never know the difference but us parents do, and at $3.14 for 12 oz of pasta you can make a nice meal for your whole family.  An added bonus is that the package is reclosable so you don’t have to use all the shells in one serving, and the package is made of recycled paper and is recyclable.  What did we do with our empty sample box of veggie shells?  Well SAP is using it in her play kitchen!  Why give them plastic foods to play with when you have veggie pasta?  I’m looking forward to trying more of their pastas especially the Parsley Garlic Spaghetti and Veggie Alphabets!  Great variety you can never get tired of and no need to add unhealthy oils or sauces to get great flavor!  Eden Organics was kind enough to include a coupon in the sample box that will most definitely go to use in our household.

Mighty Leaf Tea Co. Organic Tea, multiple flavors

Mighty Leaf sent a sample of 3 types of their loose leaf teas, a new experience for SAPsDaDa and I.  He chose to try their Organic Breakfast tea, a black tea that is caffeinated and perfect for getting going in the morning instead of the usual coffee (he’s an avid coffee drinker!).  It wasn’t really my cup of tea taste wise but SAPsDaDa liked it and thought it had a bit of a bite to it that was attractive to him. Unfortunately he drank it at night so had a hard time sleeping afterward!

I myself decided to try their Organic African Nectar tea, a herbal infusion tea that is caffeine free.  It was perfect for relaxing late at night to some TV and it was a nice change from my usual spearmint/peppermint/lemongrass tea of herbs from my own garden.  The tea was a great flavor and I loved that it had brewing time directly on the package and the tea bag string so you can make that perfect cup of tea every time. The tea bags themselves were surprising, SAPsDaDa was iffy about them as they seemed to be a plastic material.  After looking up the Mighty Leaf Tea Co. website we found out they are silken tea bags and are biodegradable!  Very unique!

We did not get to try the Organic Spring Jasine light caffeine green tea but plan to soon.  Green tea really isn’t my favorite thing to drink but I have many friends who love green teas and I feel they might benefit from this sample more than I! Mighty Leaf Tea Co. has some great selection of teas in bags as well as in tins so you can make your tea the way you like it.  The prices vary but right now every thing is on sale and it’s such a great holiday gift!

Meet Eco-Emi

For only $15.00 a month, we will mail you five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly material made from 100% recycled bottles. All of our packages are adorned with 100% organic or vintage ribbons or we will often use 100% bamboo yarns. Part of the fun is that the package will look a little different every month. You will have the luxury of trying out an array of green products in the comfort of your own home or over a cup of herbal tea with close friends.

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