Dec 1, 2011

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Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms Review and Giveaway!

With this coming winter weather here in Wisconsin the drying air and reduced moisture has made it so that I not only have to increase my use of moisturizers on my skin, but also my lips!  Of course, I’m not the only one in my family using chap stick either….what mommy has SAP wants!  So if I am going to be putting chap stick or lip balm on my lips I want to make sure it is safe for not only myself but for my daughter as well.

My standards are pretty high with my body care products, I prefer certified organic and natural ingredients and no artificial or potentially toxic additives.  This sometimes makes for a pretty plain and boring product!  For lip balm plain and boring is no fun…who wants to remember to put that on their lips?  Not me!  I want fun, yummy, lip balm!  I want Flavor Balms!

Flavor Balms are all new lip balms created by Ladybug Jane to fill the need for moisturizing your lips without all the chemicals in standard lip balms…and to do it with flavor!  Of course my standards are not everyone’s standards, and many need products that are made with vegan ingredients, or that are gluten free…guess what?  Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms are just that!

About Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms:
– Vegan certified
-USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
– Natural Sun Protection without Chemicals from Organic Aloe Extract and Vitamin E
– Nut + Beeswax Free *Safe For Anyone With Nut or Bee Allergies

– Non-toxic – In case you lick your lips;- don’t we all?
– No Dyes or Artificial Colors
-100% Natural Flavors *No Phthalates 

– ECO Friendly Packaging
– Made In The USA
– No Testing On Animals

– Contains No Nasty Preservatives like Parabens, Propylene Glycol or Polyethylene Glycol

– Sweetened with Organic Stevia = 0 Calories
-No Hydrogenated Oils- All Oils are USDA Certified Organic
– No GMO Ingredients

– No Petroleum or Mineral Oils
– Gluten Free

Blueberry Blast Flavor!

For my review I received two (2) flavors of Ladybug Jane Flavor Balm, the Wacky Watermelon and the Berry Blast!  I honestly like fruity flavored lip balms and glosses more than others and hated not having flavor on my lip balms for the past couple seasons but now I won’t have to any more!  The flavor balms go on nice and smooth and leave my lips soft all day, I do not reapply it as often as I often do other lip balms….unless of course SAP is around!

SAP and I have a game we play with our Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms.  She doesn’t understand that they are lip balms and why we wear them, all she knows is she likes them and they smell and taste like yummy fruit!  She will come up to me and say “blue berry mommy I want they blueberry!”, meaning she wants to wear the Berry Blast Flavor Balm!  She pushes out her lips and I put some on me, then her, and we RUN and give SAPsDaDa big big kisses!  He jokes that sometimes he feels no love from SAP since she’s not very cuddly so this is a great way for him to get some kisses from he little girl more often!

I am glad I do not have to worry about SAP licking her lips or getting ahold of and “eating” my lip balm like I did before, I can freely share my lip balm with my toddler (and her with her Daddy!) if I wish without worry!

Wacky Watermelon flavor!!

The only downside to the Flavor Balms I could come up with is that they not only taste the flavor they are, but smell it.  I had a co-worker at work asking me why I smelled so fruity lately …it was because I was wearing my Berry Blast Flavor Balm!  So I say get a variety of Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms so you don’t smell like the same fruit every day!

What SAPsMaMa Loves About Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms:

  • Made with certified organic and natural ingredients, no exceptions!
  • Gluten free and vegan for those who wish to use only these types of products
  • Does not contain additives that are unnecessary and possibly toxic
  • Made in the USA with eco-friendly packaging, always a plus!
  • Tastes great, love the flavor choices (flavor without bad chemicals!)
  • Safe for my toddler to use on her lips

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Love flavors in my lip balms, but possibly offer a unscented flavor balm (or unflavored) so that those who do not wish to smell “fruity” can still enjoy the benefits of a non-toxic, natural lip balm!
  • More flavors!!  Variety is always good!
  • Small lip balms for kids (since they always seem to lose them or get bored of one flavor, a 2 pack of smaller flavor balms would be a good idea!)

Meet Ladybug Jane

When Ladybug Jane studied chemistry and researched what was hiding in lip products she was shocked!

Why were so many of her favorite fruity lip balms and lip glosses filled with chemically synthetic ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, Propylene Glycol?  Citral, Limonene, Petroleum (made from crude oil), mineral oil, dyes like Blue 1 Lake?

What is Benzyl alcohol doing in lip products? Do you know its linked to Neurotoxicity, Allergies/Immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes and/or lungs) according to the research done by Skindeep.

Yuck! Dont we all naturally lick our lips and therefore ingest these chemicals?

So what was Ladybug Jane to do?  There was only one solution > Create her own clean and natural brand.

Ladybug Jane formulated the first ever Flavor Balms. A truly delicious way to moisturize and nourish your lips the chemical free way.

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  1. Shannon Alexander says:

    Crazy coconut and bursting berry

  2. They all sound so yummy! I think I would pick bursting berry and vanilla cupcake.

  3. wacky watermelon and groovy grape
    tcogbill at live dot com

  4. Jessi Greenmamajama says:

    vanilla cupcake and crazy coconut! YUMMERZ!

  5. I would choose Crazy Coconut and Vanilla Cupcake.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. ruth ramos says:

    watermelow, and coconut

  7. Groovy grape and wacky watermelon.

  8. I’d pick sweet strawberry and wacky watermelon. 🙂

  9. Jessica Snook says:

    I’d choose sweet strawberry and wacky watermelon.

  10. Maria Ivey says:

    I would choose Groovy Grape and Wacky Watermelon.

  11. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d love the Sweet Strawberry and Wacky Watermelon.

  12. Love coconut!!