Dec 12, 2011

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SodaStream Review!


I want my family to live conservatively and healthy…two things that often go together!  That often becomes difficult with a hectic lifestyle, especially around the holidays.  So I am always on the look-out for great products that help not just myself but my whole family live with less of a footprint on our Earth and reduce their exposure to unnecessary chemicals that happen to be in many of today’s common products…if it also helps us save money that’s a huge plus!

The newest product that has helped my family achieve these goals has been one of the most useful products we have come across this year!  SodaStream has become incorporated into our home and fits just right with my family’s  needs and even their wants while helping us stay within a budget and reduce our waste.

SodaStream is a home soda-making machine designed with you in mind to make any sparkling beverage you can think of!  They offer drink mixes that taste JUST LIKE name brand soda as well as some very unique flavors, and even Naturals that are made with cane sugar and no artificial ingredients!  Are you a sparkling or flavored water drinker?  SodaStream has you covered too!

SodaStream has a large variety of flavors and choices!

I was quite thrilled to receive my SodaStream in the mail, but I think my hubby was even more excited!  SAPsDaDa has always been a big soda drinker but had cut back this past year to save money and help his health…all that Dr. Pepper wasn’t doing too good for him!  I myself had stopped drinking most soda in high school but still liked to keep certain types around: lemon lime for when I was sick, root beer for a sweet treat once in a while, coke as a mixer when I had company over, etc.  I liked soda but I had not found any that was not full of artificial ingredients and I felt was worth putting in my body that was cost effective, not to mention all of the plastic bottles it is often sold in!

SodaStream’s selection fit my family perfectly and the Jet Starter Kit I received to start out was just perfect for our little family. Not only did it barely take up any room in our kitchen (which is quite small! ) but it also did not require batteries or need to be plugged in at all….a big plus!  Since there was no electricity use and no need to keep it on counters already packed with toasters and coffee makers that needed those plugs it could easily be used anywhere.

We were so excited SAPsDaDa actually set up the Jet Model SodaStream machine and tested it out before I got home from work!  He said that their Dr. Pete tasted similar to Dr. Pepper and on top of that he  also got to try their ginger ale and Cola that tasted like Coke…he was a happy Daddy!  How did I like the sodas?  Well, there is just sooooo many flavors I felt like I had to try them all!  Many of them are so unique I had never even heard of a drink similar to it before, such as their Black Currant and Pear soda (which I did not like so much, a little too strong a taste for me!) or their Cranberry Raspberry soda (which I love so much it’s my all-time favorite and I plan to keep it stocked in our home all the time!).  There is something for everyone!

Our SodaStream Jet Model set up and ready to me me some soda!

Now, what about SAP, that little 3 year old of ours?  She loves the SodaStream too!  I will not let her have soda this young but there are so many other things the SodaStream can carbonate!  She loves drinking the sparkling water a lot and it’s a great way to get her to drink more water on a daily basis when she’s in one of her “phases” and refuses to do so.  Since we still water down SAP’s juice 50/50 I will make the water bubbly, add juice, and she gets what she calls “bubble juice”!  What kid wouldn’t love bubbly juice?!

Sparkling flavored water is fun for adults and kids!

The SodaStream has make it possible for my family to not only drink soda again, but have fun with it!  It has become a family event especially on pizza night we can make a 1 liter of soda together and pour each other glasses and toast to another family tradition.

SodaStream has definitely come to my mind when planning my holiday events, I love how I do not have to run to the store and purchase dozens of heavy 2 liter bottles of soda, especially not knowing what everyone plans on drinking anyway!  With the SodaStream they can choose from dozens of flavors on what they would like to drink and I can serve family and friends that do not drink soda as well!  The 1/2 liter I can easily finish myself in a night and the 1 liter easily serves 2 or 3 people, perfect for get-togethers as no one will ever get a flat soda even when it gets toward the end of the night!

Carbonating water is as easy as pushing the button, and your soda will stay fizzy all  night (and when I put it in the fridge it’s still fizzy the next day!), never any flat soda!

Are you having an “Adult” party with alcoholic beverages?  I had to test this one out myself a few weeks ago when I had a friend over for my yearly “V For Vendetta” night on the 5th of November, but the SodaStream Energy Drink is very comparable to Red Bull if you are a jager-bomb fan!  As my friend told me after taste testing my SodaStream Energy Drink Jager-Bomb it’s like an good cross between Red Bull and Monster.  Do you prefer mix drinks?  Many of the flavors SodaStream provides will make very unique mix drinks!  Though I was not a big fan of the Black Currant and Pear soda I soon found out it was an excellent mixer with Jack Daniels…try it!  I’d love to hear what mixes you come up with with your SodaStream!

Mixing drinks is alot of fun with SodaStream! Here I am sampling the Orange Soda, but I could mix in other flavors  too!

I feel it is pretty clear that my whole family loves our SodaStream, but how is it “Green” you may ask.  Let me tell you!

I already spoke of SodaStream’s “Naturals” soda mixes, they have 10 different flavors to satisfy everyone from the traditional but naturally sweetened Cola to a nice Green Tea.  These soda mixes contain “no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives“.  I love that they are sweetened with cane sugar and I know that what I am putting in my body not only tastes great but will not be full of unhealthy chemicals.

You really do not realize how many plastic bottles you go through and waste every day (many ending up in the landfill, not always being recycled!) until you start using a reusable bottle!  It’s easy enough with water (wher you can often refill pretty much anywhere), but what about soda or sparkling waters/teas?  If you want something convenient and won’t create a lot of waste SodaStream is for you.  You can use the machine with just one or two bottles and have them ready on hand to carbonate for when you’re running out the door, takes less than 30 seconds!  I find it more convenient to do this than to try to find some please to buy a soda or water before I get to work or on my lunch break, and MUCH cheaper!

Spritz the water, and release the bottle…very quick and simple!  Takes a lot less time than making coffee or rushing to the store for a “refreshing beverage”!

If convenience, saving money, great flavor, or reducing your waste and ecological footprint appeal to you then health might!  I am very adamant that any product in our house hold (not just our kitchen!) not contain BPA or other known harmful chemicals common in plastics, and SodaStream bottles are top quality!   Not only are they BPA free and no polycarbonate materials in them, but SodaStream also does not “use any materials in the production process that can produce phthalates or PCBs“!  Their plastic bottles last average of 2 years (that “replaces over 2500 bottles and cans from store-bought drinks”!) and the cap on them has a special hermetic sealing so your drink stays fizzy as long as possible!

Learn more about how SodaStream is Earth Friendly on their website!

The bottles and machine are BPA free! Plus not only are the bottles reusable, so is the CO2 tank…refill and reuse!

What SAPsMaMa Loves about SodaStream:

  • BPA free, and their production process does not produce phthalates or PCBs
  • Bottles as well as the CO2 Canisters are reusable for a very long time!
  • You make what you will drink, so there is less waste of soda
  • Saves money
  • Soda “Naturals” offer a healthier alternative to regular sodas so you can enjoy soda without unhealthy additives if you wish
  • They offer so many flavors and selections that it can be used by everyone in your family: soda, and water drinkers, and party guests!
  • Stays fizzy a long time, doe snot go flat quick
  • Very simple to use and understand, a child could do it!
  • Uses no electricity or batteries so can be put anywhere in your house/kitchen and reduces reliance on energy

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Offer a Glass Carafe Bottle for all models of Soda Stream machines, not just Penguin and Chrystal..I’d love glass bottles more than plastic!
  • I find that using the large caps to add syrup to our bottles makes the syrup containers very sticky and messy, even if we rinse them out, and I feel I am wasting syrup rinsing out the lid.  The smaller caps work very well though, all syrup returns to the container and does not make the outside sticky!  I would like to see a similar design for the larger bottles!
  • Though reducing waste with reusing our bottles, there is still waste from the syrup containers when they get empty.  I would like to see a syrup container that is reusable (such as aluminum or glass!), and possible “refill stations” at stores where we can bring cleaned containers in and get refills like the CO2 tanks are refilled, that would greatly reduce even more waste!

Meet SodaStream!

SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems. Our brands are sold in over 50,000 retail stores in 42 countries including home & electrical appliance stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, DIY, specialty and “green” stores, water specialists & dealers, as well as online and in catalogs.

Our long standing and deep heritage dates back to 1903, when we introduced innovative solutions to the beverage market. We continue to grow as market leaders in both technological advancements and the quality of our products.

The SodaStream system enables consumers to carbonate water and to flavor carbonated beverages at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans.

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  1. I really wish it had been made clear before I bought it, that it is only calibrated for water – not any other liquids. I had an exciting afternoon trying out this Soda maker for the first time. It works fine with cold water, but when I filled it with cranberry juice, and tried to carbonate that, the results were interesting. When I removed the bottle from the device, it fizzed up explosively, and I had to mop juice off the walls, ceiling, floor and me. I see that the iSi device does work with juices, but you fill it about 1/3 less. The schnozzle on this device is not long enough to reach down into the liquid if the bottle was only 2/3 full. Maybe if we turn it upside down?