Dec 13, 2011

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St. Nick Visits SAP! Great WAHM/Handmade gifts! – WW

St. Nick visited the house last week! I got from him some “Mommy’s Juice” aka Wine and a bamboo back scratcher (I like my back scratched and SAPsDaDa is often busy!), SAPsDaDa got from him 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in his fav flavors: Caramel Delights and Chocolate Mint!

Here’s what SAP got from St. Nick in her cute Penguin stocking we got her when she was still a wee little one! 🙂

Undies are hand made by Erin at Happy Booty Boutique, Blues Clues Shirt handmade by Custom Made By “B”, Osborne Books bought from Laura at Osborne Books and More in Madison WI (you can order online too!), and the cloth map (in the green wrapping paper) is handmade by Enchanted Dandelions!

SAP had a very “Blue” day the morning after St. Nick came!  She had to wear her Blues Clues shirt to School and rocked her Blue TY beanie all morning!  I could hardly convince her to leave it in her cubby at school!

The back of the Blues Clues TShirt was customized with a maple leaf (SAP’s trademark!) and her initials!  If you ever wondered why I call her SAP now you know 🙂

The Map by Enchanted Dandelions!  She loves this map!

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