Jan 23, 2012

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Cuddle Monkey Baby Wrap Carrier Review and Giveaway!

Cuddle Monkey has sponsored a Baby Wrap Carrier giveaway in the Green Resolutions Event!  Enter on the main event post between January 16th-30th to enter to win this prize and other awesome prizes!

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Parents from centuries back and even in today’s modern world often feel an overwhelming feeling to keep their little one’s close and calm them.  Newborns and even toddlers and young children are calmed by the motion and warm comfort and scent of their parent close by, and in many cultures it is very convenient to be able to have your little one with you and secure for whenever they may need you for something.

This is why even in today’s modern world baby carriers of many forms are still very common!  In fact, some parents love baby carriers (slings, wraps, etc.) so much that they avidly look for and own many different styles for whatever “baby-wearing” occasion may present itself so their little one will be comfortable and safe next to their side!

Unlike our past relatives however, our society holds for us  new challenges in baby-wearing.  What kind of carrier will be accepted in place like an office building?  Is it safe for my newborn to sleep in and SIDS safe?  Will this carrier fit my body frame and be comfortable for my child?  Where do I store this big bulky thing?  And for us trendy moms, will it fit that style you have come to love.

Cuddle Monkey Wrap in monkey fabric with an 8 month old in the front carry position!  He loves he can see everything!

Cuddle Monkey has created a carrier that is wonderful for the modern family and puts many of these worries to rest!  I have worked with Cuddle Monkey in the past and reviewed her Herbal Hot/Cold Compress as well as her upcycled wool soakers and longies, finding both products well crafted and eco-friendly, made with a lot of cuddle monkey love!  I expected the same with her Cuddle Monkey Wrap and was not disappointed!

First off, Kathy of Cuddle Monkey not only sewed a wrap that I could use, but created a wrap that was made for the environment and person I am.  Often times there are limited choices in style and fabric types to choose from, but you get a greater selection with Cuddle Monkey.  I had expressed to Kathy how I prefer gender-neutral colors to any special girly ones, and more natural tones to go with my more nature-based wardrobe, and Kathy not only made a wrap out of a nice tan color that was very neutral and natural in color, fitting my style perfectly, but she made it in what she called a “winter weight” fabric knowing how I am in Wisconsin and often in cooler temperatures!  You can see the tan winter weight fabric here in her fabric choices for her Cuddle Monkey Carriers!

Using the Cuddle  Monkey Wrap for your infant is just as easy as using it for an older child! Looks comfy doesn’t it?

The Cuddle Monkey Wrap was folded nicely in a bag of the same fabric as the wrap and came with nice detailed instructions on how o put it on, which was great since I was not familiar with wrap.  Since SAP is nearing 3 years old and is 35 lbs I thought it would be wonderful to get the opinion of a mother who does baby-wearing on a regular basis and has a young son just a few months old, so I asked her to test out the Cuddle Monkey Wrap and give me her opinion!  She thought it was very similar to her Moby Wrap and was interested in comparing the two.  Her review:

The Cuddle Monkey is a nice way to be hands free and still close to your baby.  It allows you to wrap your baby in tight and keep him right on your body bringing him comfort.  Several times when my baby was fussy I could wrap him up and he would calm down and fall asleep while I cleaned up the house.  The elasticity of the material allows you to make it tight but still get baby in with enough room. I appreciate the womb like quality it creates for a new baby. I was also successful at facing my baby out which we both enjoyed when going for walks.
A tricky part is the length of the fabric and the need to wrap it around.  It is fine for use at home, but when you go out and have to put it on in public it can drag on the ground/floor of wherever you are putting it on making it a little dirty.  The wrap isn’t difficult to put on, but it isn’t as simple as a backpack style carrier either not making it my first choice when I am in a hurry.

The Cuddle Monkey Carrier is rated for up to 40 lbs so SAP is within the weight range I may use the wrap with her, so I hope to try that out soon!  SAP has been not only under-the-weather lately so is extra cuddly, but with me working full-time and odd hours she sees Mommy only an hour or so a day…far too little!  So when I am home she becomes the huggy/cuddle monster and does not let me put her down for an instant…a big change from her super-independent, let-me-run-free, don’t-confine-me-what-so-ever! spirit she has had since she was born!  The Cuddle Monkey wrap has me excited to meet this new attitude of hers and still get my  housework done with the little time I am home!

What SAPsMaMa Loves about the Cuddle  Monkey Wrap:

  • Great customization in fabric choices so parents can choose one to their style!
  • Wide weight range usage so that it can be used for years with one child or for multiple children if you have children of different ages or sizes, one carrier can work for both!
  • Summer and winter fabrics make it so no matter what climate you are in you and your little one can stay cool and comfortable or nice and warm and toasty.
  • Not overly “plush” and the design makes it safe for infants to sleep in.
  • Design makes it simple for an infant to nurse while being carried in the wrap!
  • The wrap is compact so easy to put in a purse or bag and use when needed
  • It is triple-stitched in the front for added safety/security and support of baby, and the fabric is stretchy to contour to your body.

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Definitely a picture-guide in the instructions for newbies to baby-wearing, it can aid in learning how to put the wrap on correctly!  I know you’re working on this now and it’s a great idea!
  • Though the simple design works great, many moms are looking for on-the-go convenience and ease.  Creating a “Modern mama” wrap that is shorter in length or somewhat already in a position to put on and use (like a backpack design) would help these types of parents do baby-wearing even in a hurry or having their hands full with multiples!
  • I loved the addition of the “Give a Hoot, Go Green!” owl applique to the recent wrap you created!  Personalized additions to wraps can make baby-wearing even more fun and trendy for modern parents and would make these wraps great baby shower gifts!  I would love to see other ideas of personalization you have and for the cute “green” theme to continue!
  • I’d love to see some items you are working on in your Etsy shop or on Facebook!  I’m always curious to see what’s new and have found not much updated recently!

Meet Cuddle Monkey!

Cuddle Monkey products are hand-made with love entirely by me. You’ll find eco-friendly cloth baby wipes, wool soakers, wraps, slings, water-ring slings, ring slings, mei teis, wet bags, herbal compresses, shea butter and goats milk lavender hand soap, memory blankets and soon to be OBV fitted cloth diapers. Custom orders are adored. Give me an idea that’ll inspire me to make you a beautiful Cuddle Monkey creation!

Connect with Cuddle Monkey:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cuddle-Monkey/123925554343688

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CuddleMonkeyMama

Win It!

Kathy from Cuddle Monkey would love to give one lucky SAPsMaMa reader a Cuddle Monkey Wrap of their own!  What a great way to get those new years resolutions done with your little in tow and you hands free!

The cuddle monkey wrap is being given away as part of the Green Resolution Giveaway Event!

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