Jan 17, 2012

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Earthly Remedies By Erin Natural Deodorant and Eye Cream Review and Giveaway!

Earthly Remedies By Erin has sponsored a natural deodorant and natural eye cream giveaway in the Green Resolutions Event!  Enter on the main event post between January 16th-30th to enter to win this prize and other awesome prizes!

Enter at this link: http://sapsmama.com/2012/01/green-resolutions-event/


Going “green” isn’t very easy, though the mentality behind it often brings us to more simple ways of living our lives.  One big challenge in living more natural and eco-friendly is finding products that work well for your body….and everyone’s body is different!  I feel I search high and low every time I make a change in my  household to find that one product that fits our lifestyle perfectly.

One go-to place for many of my products when switching over (and restocking on favorites!) is Earthly Remedies By Erin!  We keep in stock in our household all the time her Eczema cream for SAP’s skin problems (it works wonders!), her Healing Salve for any ailments (our favorite during cold and flu season!), and her Baby Butt Cream…which though SAP is out of diapers and has no more diaper rash, this is wonderful for use on really dry skin and I plan on keeping it stocked!

Recently Erin came out with something I have been waiting and hoping for for quite a while….deodorant!  I know it’s weird to be excited about deodorant, but I have had a REALLY hard time finding something that is toxin-free that works!  Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants like big company deodorants many people are used to, but they do help you stay smelling fresh, which is what I had the main issue with.  Even deordorants claiming to be all natural and made with organic products did not rate so well on the Skin Deep list to the specifications I was willing to submit my body and my family to.  I had finally settled on a brand that fit my specifications, but I was never completely happy with it’s performance.

Great for men, women, and even children, this natural deodorant is greatly effective!

I was ready to give up my battle for a toxin-free deodorant that worked when Erin told me about her new product!  Her deodorant is not only toxin-free and handmade (two great qualities right there!) but it works!  It’s effective for women as well as men and is even safe for children.  The deodorant is in an easy-to-apply stick similar to deodorant many people are accustomed to so there is no learning curve like some other natural deodorants I have tried in the past, so it is great for beginners who are looking to be more “green”!

To test it out I started using it for pretty much everything.  My job is pretty demanding and I am submitted to hot temperatures, then cold temperatures, throughout my shift….little can I say  my body has a hard time adapting!  My co-workers are used to my more “natural” product ways and the scent that is often associated with it (more herbal…not a bad thing in my book!) but I often got some comments from them about how I would smell like “baby powder” or something when I wore the deodorant I was currently using.  So I was looking forward to hearing their reaction when I started using Earthly Remedies by Erin’s deodorant.   You know what they said?  Nothing!  For me that is a really good thing!  No telling me I”m stinky, no telling me I smell like some weird natural product.  The deodorant de-oderized so that even though I would sweat during my 8 hour shift at work I did not smell like I was doing so…yay!

In a simple-to-use stick, this deodorant was my go-to these past few weeks of intense working out and work!

My second test went along with my New Years Resolution….get in shape!  I have been working out in classes like Power Pump and Step and Sculpt 3-4 times a week, often times going straight from working out to work or to a class SAP is signed up for without time to stop and shower (not fun!), so this was the big test!  Will this deodorant keep me smelling fresh?  The answer was yes!  This of course became my go-to deodorant…kind of unfortunately.  That is because I started keeping it in my work out bag for the gym so I didn’t have it with me in my bag of work clothes or in the bathroom for daily use!  I  now realize my own flaw: I need more than one deodorant from Earthly Remedies by Erin! The only qualm I have with this deodorant is the container, which since the main body and the cap of the container are so tight-fitting together it is often difficult to get the cap on all the way and I often shave off a bit deodorant from the top putting the cap back on, so it gets a bit messy.  I am curious if a roll-on of this soft yet solid deodorant would work out well…

Of course nothing gets by without SAPsDaDa and SAP’s approval in this household.  With potty training in full swing we have been teaching SAP what is stinky and what is not stinky: poopy in undies is stinky, dry, clean undies is not stinky!  What did SAP say about mommy’s underarms?  She says “You’re not stinky anymore Mommy!”.  Nothing like toddler approval huh?  For SAPsDaDa I chose not to tell him I was testing out a new deodorant the past few weeks, so I went to him tonight and asked him his opinion, he says: “though you’ve been working a lot and exercising, I have not noticed any odor at all”.  That’s the best you’ll get from a guy!

The eye cream was buttery soft and easy to apply correctly to achieve optimal results!

So I loved the deodorant, but I also got the chance to try out Erin’s Eye Cream.  I do not wear make-up at all save for special occasions, but I have learned to take care of my skin this past year more-so than I was accustomed to growing up.  So for me eye cream was a completely new experience.  I looked up how to appropriately apply it and when to apply it to get the best results and started to take a step toward a routine where I can feel and look healthier in my facial features!  With all the stress I have been under his past year it shows on my face a lot, so I was glad to try out something that could help with my wrinkles and bags under my eyes that often show how tired and worn out I am even if I do get a good amount of sleep the night before.  I found the eye cream was very smooth and easy to apply evenly.  I did not have to rub but could easily apply it by dabbing so I wouldn’t pull the sensitive skin around my eyes and the skin felt a lot nicer and softer.

So far I have been applying the eye cream after showering and before heading to bed at night on nice clean skin, but have only been using it for a week so have not see big results yet.  I look forward to the results after using this on a regular basis for another couple weeks!  I do not feel I need it yet for anti-aging use for my skin but with the stress modern day life creates I feel some good organic, natural eye cream can do my body and complexion some help to assure good appearance in the future!

What SAPsMaMa Loves About Erin’s Natural Deodorant and Eye Cream:

  • Both products were very easy to use and had a minimal learning curve….great for first-timers or for veterans to green products!
  • Made from organic and natural ingredients
  • Handmade, and non-toxic!
  • Effective!
  • I love how Erin discloses her ingredients so you know all of what is in your product, unlike conventional body care products
  • The products last a long time!  Even with daily use.  You don’t need a lot of something (eye cream or deodorant) for it to be effective!)

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Use a less tight-fitting container for the deodorant stick, or try to use a similar deodorant base but in a roll-on version that is a bit less messy for on-the go for those of us who like to keep our product in grab and go tote bags!
  • A travel size deodorant…for use in work-out or work bags and in lockers for teens so toxin-free deodorant is always available whenever you may require some odor-control!
  • Some instructions on the eye cream for proper use would be appreciated for those who are new to the purpose of eye cream since if used improperly results will often not be as hoped or as great as they could be!
  • Different colored containers….since I have so many Earthly Remedies by Erin products I often have to dig through my medicine cabinet to find what I need when I need it! If different colored containers were used for different purposes (such as blue for baby products, red for healing products, etc.) I could much more easily locate what I need!  A color dot is serving this purpose currently in our home!

Meet Earthly Remedies by Erin

Earthly Remedies makes all natural hand salves, hand creams, baby products and more. They are made with products such as beeswax, unrefined shea butter, a variety of organic essential oils, and organic herbs that I grow myself. I am committed to providing natural products that are 100% natural and 100% chemical free, and mostly all organic. All products are safe to use on children and pets.

If you are looking for a natural, chemical-free, product that won’t harm your body or the environment then you will be happy with your choice to support Earthly Remedies. I stand by my products 100%, and if they prove to be unsatisfactory I will provide you with a replacement.

Buy It!

Earthly Remedies Website: http://earthlyremediesbyerin.com

Earthly Remedies Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EarthlyRemediesbyErin?sk=wall

Store front is located within
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Earthly Remedies by Erin would love to give one lucky SAPsMaMa reader a deodorant and eye cream of their own!  Perfect for starting out a healthy body care routine this New Year!

The natural deodorant and eye cream is being given away as part of the Green Resolution Giveaway Event!

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