Jan 5, 2012

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Woombie Toddler Eco-Donut Review and Giveaway!

Woombie has sponsored an Eco-Donut in the New Years Resolutions Blog Carnival Event!  Enter on the main event post between January 3rd-10th to enter to win this prize and other awesome prizes!

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Staying eco-friendly in the home is hard enough, but what about when you have to go outside the home with your little one?  Whether it is to visit the grandparents or going to daycare daily you want to be sure your little one takes toxin-free, natural products with them on the go.

That is where I have found the Woombie Eco-Donut comes into play!  The Eco-Donut basically is a portable plush mat, it is made of durable gripping fabric on the outside to prevent wear and tear and super duper soft minky on the inside where your little one will by lying or sitting, providing probably the most comfortable place to nap they could want!

Of course I not only check materials in the product we use with SAP but also any chemicals that may be applied to them, especially when it comes to bedding where she will be spending a great deal of time.  The Eco-Donut stood up to my specifications, check it out!

  • Foam Free, Glue Free, Odor Free
  • Hypo Allergenic,  Non Toxic
  • Lead & Phthalate Free
  • Non Flammable/ No Halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Recyclable!

As much as I like the concept of the Eco-Donut it is SAP that decides if it’s a winner or not, and the real test was taken this holiday season with our travels!  When I received the Woombie Eco-Donut in the mail SAP was so excited and wanted to sleep on it for nap and bed time, we were very happy to not have to fight with her to get her to go to sleep for once!  She kept telling us it was her bed because mommy and daddy were too big for it, and she was right, it was just the perfect size for our little girl that is pretty tall for her age!  Nap time was successful and although she moves alot in her sleep she stayed on the donut due to its contoured shape.  If SAP were still in daycare I would love for her to sleep on this instead of a cot or the floor where she ends up rolling around everywhere and not sleeping well!  Just look at how peaceful she was sleeping!  … Well she was sleeping peaceful until Mommy woke her up with the camera!

“Mommy, I’m trying to sleep! “

We decided that instead of using the old Pack N Play that we used to use when SAP was younger and we traveled that this time we would use the Woombie Eco-Donut as SAP’s travel bed.  Not only did it actually take up less space in the car but since it folds in half and zippers all around it became the perfect carrier “bag” for the sheet, blanket, little pillow and her favorite stuffed animal when we traveled!  There was no more looking around digging through bags hectically looking for her “Taggie Puppy” so she would go to sleep (she won’t sleep without it these days!), we know it will be right there when she is tired and cranky and ready for a nap.  Makes traveling less stressful as a parent! It was very portable and light weight so if we wanted to move her from one area to another area next time to nap it was very easy to do.

You can see here I have packed SAP’s Taggie Puppy, a blanket, a sheet, and a wool matress cover.  I could easily fit a toddler pillow and a pair of PJ’s in her and it still not even look bulky!  This is how we stored all of SAP’s nap/ night stuff during travel.

So for  nearly one whole week straight during the holiday travels SAP slept on the Eco-Donut.  We were concerned with being away from her bed for so long but the donut seemed to make it an easy transition.  There was no confusion for where to sleep, when we told her it was sleepy time she ran to her eco-donut!  Since we are in the middle of potty training SAP and traveling was bound to interfere with her success we had one major concern: potty accidents.  I was happy to see the Eco-Donut is machine washable to a point so if that did happen I could wash it, but it still worried me.  We ended up using waterproof pads from her old Pack N Play pen under a crib sheet on the Eco-Donut to ensure it would remain dry and usable the entire time we were traveling, but felt sad SAP could not sleep on the soft  minky she loved!  In fact she started taking the sheets off because she wanted to sleep in the minky!  I feel since this portable mat “donut” is made with toddlers and young children in mind that would be in a stage such as SAP is right now an addition to the Eco-Donut that would benefit many parents is a waterproof minky pad for the donut that would fit in the center of the donut, or a soft sheet (such as made from rayon bamboo) to put over a simple water proof pad and fits the donut’s shape and design perfectly so that children like SAP will want to sleep on the sheet if need be instead of the main minky fabric on the donut.  Either would have put my  mind at peace!

SAP sitting in her Woombie Eco-Donut reading a book before bed one night.

Overall I find the Woombie Eco-Donut a wonderful parenting tool that can help many families for many years and it is a great investment!  The quality of the product is unbeatable and definitely usable for multiple children and families.  SAPsDaDa’s comment on the Eco Donut: He absolutely loves it and how well it has worked for us, but does chuckle at how it looks like a doggie bed! He is looking forward to using it next summer when we take SAP camping for the first time!

What SAPsMaMa Loves About the Woombie Eco-Donut:

  • Durable and long lasting, yet soft and comfortable!!
  • Convenient and light weight, made perfect for traveling
  • Can also serve as a sort of suitcase (can pack things inside the donut when it is zipped up).
  • The perfect size for a toddler and small kid for napping or as a sitting mat for an infant
  • The contoured shape keeps little ones on the mat so no rolling everywhere if they’re used to rails on their beds
  • Non-toxic: foam, glue, and odor free.  No halogenated flame retardants used, and is lead and phthalate free!
  • Machine washable in case of getting dirty from use (thinking camping here!) or accidents during nap/bed times
  • The perfect space for a little one to call their own and love!

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • A minky covered waterproof mat that parents can place in the center of the donut for little ones in the potty training phase in case of accidents.  This will protect the donut so it will remain usable yet at the same time give your little one the comfort Woombie hopes to do with the minky fabric!
  • A nice soft sheep that is shaped/contoured specifically for the design of the Woombie donut (infant or toddler sizes) we had issues with our crib sheets being too big and play pen sheets too small! SAP also did not like not being able to sleep on the soft minky fabric.
  • Offering embroidery on the donut such as a child’s name would help personalize the Eco-donut to each child and make it extra special!
  • You know me, I would love to see more organic/sustainable fabrics!  An all-organic/eco-friendly option would be wonderful.  I’m thinking a combo of hemp on the outside and soft bamboo rayon on the inside in natural tones, but I’ll leave the designing up to those at Woombie who do it best and made so many great products as it is!

Meet Woombie

We are located in Trumbull, CT & specialize in the design of Innovative & Original baby products with the theme “Swaddle Snuggle Sleep”. All of our products are manufactured in an Eco-Friendly manner.

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You can purchase any of the Woombie Eco-Donut or any other Woombie product from the Woombie Website!

Win It

Woombie would love to give one lucky SAPsMaMa reader an Eco-Donut of their own!  Besides the Toddler Eco-Donut they also carry an infant size for those with smaller children.

The Eco-Donut is being given away as part of the New Years Resolution Blog Carnival Giveaway Event!

ENTER NOW from 1/3 through 1/10 to win!

This giveaway is open to US ONLY!


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