Mar 7, 2012

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Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle from Reuseit Review!

I have always carried water with me, whether it is to be sure I keep hydrated when I go to the gym to work out, or just to be sure SAP has something to drink if she gets thirsty (a thirsty 3 year old can get quite annoying!).  It seems I have more than enough plastic, stainless steel and who knows what else water bottles filling up my kitchen cabinet, yet I only am using one or two specific reusable bottle over and over these days!

I had stocked up on different types of stainless steel water bottles over the past couple years to be sure we would always have a non-toxic bottle to keep our drink in when we go on bike rides or long car rides or even just to have a reusable drinking container at work with me, but I always felt like I was not completely happy with them.  Their performance was great, durability wonderful, but I hated drinking water from a stainless steel container, it didn’t taste all that good to me.  I even tried stainless steel containers with silicone straw attachments thinking if I drank through the straw then I wouldn’t taste it….but no luck there.

I was happy to get the opportunity to try out a completely non-toxic reusable water bottle from Reuseit and jumped at the chance to try one of their glass water bottles,  the Lifefactory bottle they carry in their store!

I had in the past tried drinking out of mason jars left over from jarring to get that clean water taste but they were quite bulky and after a couple broke on me I felt unsafe using them around my toddler.  Lifefactory bottles had a very unique idea to prevent this from happening: silicone covering sleeves over the bottle!  Paired with their tempered glass this greatly protects the bottle from what might otherwise have broken it, giving me a glass water bottle with the durability and reliability that I need!

I tested out the Lifefactory Glass Bottle the past few weeks and was very impressed with it.  The silicone sleeve not only protected it but it also gave it a nice textured grip for my hand!  It wasn’t overly heavy at all like I was worried about and the silicone seal in the cap prevented any leakage (which is what I had a problem with regarding some of my stainless steal bottle).  I was greatly happy especially regarding the taste of my water!  There was no metallic taste at all in the water and I felt as if it was just cleaner than other bottles I had used before.  My water did end up getting warmer quicker but I could also fit a ton of ice cubes in my bottle since it had a nice wide neck at the top!  I love ice cold water so this was a huge plus!  With my stainless steal bottles they kept cool longer but held less water and had smaller necks and I wanted to minimize how often I was refilling my bottle.

I love the midnight blue color of the Lifefactory bottle!

Unfortunately I did have an accident with my Lifefactory bottle when it dropped and fell onto the cement floor at my job and broke.  The impact happened on the side of the bottle and struck between the gaps in the silicone covering, creating a hole and water went everywhere!  It was the end of a bad day at work for me and the start of a very unhappy night.  I contacted Reuseit about the broken bottle and also asked them some questions about Lifefacotry bottles in general.  They were so helpful in contacting the Lifefactory company for me to answer my questions and Lifefactory was willing to replace my broken bottle!  I was told it is very uncommon for a Lifefactory bottle to break and that the company still uses the durable glass that I was accustomed to (I have friends who have used Lifefactory bottles for years without them breaking!), but I must have had a bottle with a flaw in it that was not noticed until it had hit a hard surface just right.  The good thing that came about this is that I got to experience the wonderful customer service of both Reusit and Lifefactory and I feel confident that the bottle I am drinking my water in is truly from a company that cares.

Lifefactory Glass Bottle

  • Free of phthalates, PVC and polycarbonate
  • Silicone sleeve is free of plastics and 100% non-toxic
  • No chemical leaching and no metallic taste
  • Wide mouth for ice & easy cleaning
  • Bottle made in France, sleeve made in USA
  • Dishwasher safe

Glass water bottles by Lifefactory are a beautifully-designed alternative to plastic bottles and disposable water bottles. And, unlike stainless steel or cheap reusable bottles, there’s no metallic or chemical aftertaste. Durable glass construction withstands daily use and provides fresh-tasting water – just like your regular drinking glasses at home. Colorful silicone sleeve protects your bottle and is easy to grip. Great for hot or cold beverages.

What SAPsMaMa Loves about Reusit’s Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle:

  • Completely non-toxic!
  • No metalic taste in your water/beverage, just water!
  • Silicone sleeve keeps bottle protected and gives a non-slip grip!
  • Silicone seal in the lid keeps the bottle from leaking.
  • Nice wide mouth to put ice in the bottle easily
  • Easy to clean glass perfect and safe for hand washing or dishwashers without any buildup

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • I would love to see Lifefactory come up with smaller sized travel bottles for lunch boxes!  I hate to see all those juice boxes etc. in kids lunches and this would be a great substitute to ensure my kid is drinking healthy and with toxin-free drink-ware.
  • I would love if Lifefactory came up with a cap that was not plastic.  Though it is BPA free it is still plastic and I very  much try to avoid plastic if possible.  I would love to see what you come up with that is sustainable and effective!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I will be checking these out!

  2. Michaela says:

    I have one of these bottles and haul it around with me everywhere. I don’t recommend putting anything in it other than water as the seal in the lid does retain flavors. Other than that I love it. Well worth the expense!