Mar 23, 2012

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Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds – Small Steps to Living Green Saturday

Small Steps To Living Green Saturday

Step #5: Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds

Why is this an important “green” step?

When the weather is hot you want a healthy way to cool down and keep the kids entertained and hydrated.  Making your own juice popsicles is an excellent way to do so!  Unfortunately traditional popsicle molds are made out of plastic which often has chemicals such as BPA in them.  These chemicals are enzyme inhibitors and can cause major problems especially in children but can also be issues in the environment.  Using alternative popsicle molds can ensure you can deliver a healthy way to cool off this summer toxin free!

Step away from…

Common cheap popsicle molds often contain toxic chemicals

Plastic Popsicle molds (and store bought popsicles)!  It goes without saying, store bought popsicles are often more sugar than anything else!  Plus the individual packaging of each popsicle creates a great amount of waste….on really hot days a kid can go through 3 or more popsicles!  Making your own  juice or fruit smoothie popsicles keeps the sugar down and gets those vitamins kids need into their system!  Who knows, you might even have luck sneaking some veggies in that smoothie popsicle without them knowing!

Plastic popsicle  molds are often found in your local grocery store or even corner drug store or dollar store.  They’re very inexpensive and last maybe the short summer season before they crack.  Not only are these plastics filled with chemicals that are toxic to our bodies (such as BPA and PVC) but plastic does not readily expand in the freezer, so making your own popsicles at home can become a sticky job when the juice expands.

For typical popsicle-on-a-stick try Onyx!

To steer clear of possible toxic chemicals and still provide your family a healthy treat this summer pick up some reusable and durable popsicle molds!  There are a few different types you can choose from and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.  Onyx makes stainless steel popsicle molds with silicone rings.  These are not only super durable (you will never have to buy a popsicle mold again, and neither will your children!), they come in a set of 6 and with their own stand so that you get perfect popsicles each and every time!  If you have children that are prone to breaking things and like popsicles on a stick these would be a wonderful addition to your toxin-free kitchen…we enjoy popsicles year round! The downside of stainless steel popsicle molds is the upfront expense compared to cheap plastic.  Also, you will still need to use disposable wooden popsicle sticks, though they are in the works of reusable bamboo sticks!

What does SAPsMaMa use?

I like the design of the Kinderville ice pops so there is less mess with little kids!

In our household I have opted to use Kinderville’s silicone ice pop molds.  I chose these for SAP (who is 3 years old) because she could more easily keep it clean than a popsicle on a stick.  It took her a little while to learn to push the popsicle up but I was happy the stickiness was contained!  SAP does not always remember to finish her popsicle so I like that these come with a lid so I can pop it in the freezer to re-set and she can enjoy it again later.  Also, with the silicone casing you don’t have to worry so much about overflow during the freezing process as the silicone expands!  With these being dishwasher safe SAPsDaDa is happy with these as well (less to wash by hand since I won’t let him put plastic in our dishwasher!).  The downside to these is not only are they a bit small (though great for young kids), but often times they end up on their sides in the freezer to freeze, there is no set stand and they are never straight upright. 

This is the best we could do to keep t hem upright in our freezer for freezing, but SAP loves her popsicles just the same!

Green Pros of Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds:
  • Will last years and years, will not crack and leak
  • Some molds (such as silicone) can expand so that there is less less during the freezing process in your freezer
  • You ensure you are giving your family healthy less-sugary popsicles without harmful chemicals from plastic molds
  • You reduce waste as homemade popsicles in durable containers last a lifetime whereas store bought popsicles are individually wrapped and cheap plastic has a short lifespan
Cons to  Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds:
  • Upfront cost of some molds (such as stainless steel) are often costly, though they last a lifetime and they can be handed down to someone else in perfect condition
  • Some molds such as Onyx still use disposable popsicle sticks, though reusable bamboo sticks are in the works and I hope to see these in the near future!

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This is one small step of many you may take to try to help your family live more “green” and eco-friendly in this modern world!  I am using my family as an example in small simple steps through Small Steps to Living Green Saturday every week…come check out the rest of my tips and steps in my Green Resources tab!
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing that, wonderful information and as we get into summer I love learning about new ways to make healthy Popsicles without the plastics.