Apr 6, 2012

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Alex Complete Kitchen Set from ImagineToys.com Review!

What are your child’s favorite toys?  Are they ever the toys you think they would love?  I have come to realize with SAP that the really neat handmade wooden toys or dolls I love to give to her are not always her favorite!  What she loves and has been playing with every single day for the past couple months is her Alex Toys Complete Kitchen Set from Imagine Toys!

The Alex Toys Complete Kitchen Set is a young chef’s dream, boy or girl!  It comes with anything they may want to use to play kitchen whether they wish to bake mommy a cake with their bowl, whisk and measuring spoons or cook some veggies in their pots on the stove!  Wait a minute…..we forgot to have some tea.  Thankfully the Kitchen Set comes with a miniature porcelain tea set just the perfect size for little hands and their playmates (whether real friends or doll/stuffed friends!).

SAP has always had wooden pans and cooking ware for her kitchen for the past couple years to play with but she never really used it for anything other than storing her special trinkets, so I was super glad how much of a  hit this set was with her!  SAPsDaDa and I believe it is the make of the set itself that has her interest: made of stainless steal and enamelware, wooden spoons and spatulas….it’s all kitchen products that can actually be used!  They look just like the real stuff in mommy and daddy’s kitchen but sized for little hands, what’s not to love!

The Complete Kitchen Set not only has SAP’s attention but ours as well, no longer are family make-your-own pizza nights or cookie making an event to fight and cry over as SAP tries to help us out but makes a mess of things instead, now she can have her own little bit of dough and can make her own little bit of the meal as best as she can and be a part of the fun!  With the toys being made out of washable stainless steal and enamel we do not worry as we had with the painted wooden set she had had previously.  Every kid in their life will want to put real liquids or food in their kitchen toy set it is a great idea to give them something they can safely use now then worry about it later!

SAP and I making mini pizzas with her cooking bowls, rolling pin, and cookie cutters!

Alex Toys have always hit the mark for creativity, education, and appealing to little ones but it wasn’t until recently I realized how much it appeals to me.  They may not be made out of wood but they are non-toxic and best of all usable toys made durable for the wear and tear of cooking toddlers (which is no gentle matter!).  For me as a mother finding a toy that makes my little one happy and that she will play with consistently and from a company that is available in one of my favorite toys stores (Imagine Toys!) makes me very happy. From SAP’s reaction opening the box and her impatience to play with it from day one I can only imagine if this toy were given to a child as a birthday or holiday gift and the smile on their face!  SAP of course knew it was for her right away, given that the picture on the front of the box looks so much like herself, she called it “Samara’s Kitchen Set”!  I doubt Alex Toys will be changing the name of their product to reflect this any time soon!

SAP stuffing her mouth full of “heart pizzas” she had made herself with her cooking set!

Easiest way to get her to eat: have her make it herself!

My favorite part about the Complete Cooking Set is the Porcelain Tea Set, which is an adorable colored polka dot set complete with saucers, cups, sugar and creamer cups, and a tea pot!  As a little girl I had a very special porcelain tea set that I still keep today for it’s sentimental memories so seeing my own little girl enjoying this tiny set of tea with her dolls or myself (or the friends I invite over that get sucked into her bedroom for a tea party!) is so enjoyable for me.  P.S. Check out this short “SAP’s Tea Party” video to see the tea set in action!

This Alex Kitchen Set creates so many memories for us it has become a regular part of our day.  If Daddy is at the computer in the morning, SAP will make him some tea!  Is she getting a bit hungry during the day?  She tells us by cooking a meal for everyone and serving us a chicken dinner fit with lemonade from real (wooden or felt) lemons!  One of the pets is sick?  She’ll cook them some soup!  The only downfall is no matter how gentle SAP is her enthusiasm has chipped her porcelain tea set, sad for me to see but it will give us some memories in the future of the great tea parties we have had!   To minimize any more chipping the tea set has now become a special toy she must ask for, though how often that happens is debatable when she is playing with it nearly every day!

Check out this video of SAP cooking dinner for us one night! Don’t mind the background music, that’s SAPsDaDa!

The only thing I would change would be the non-stick cookware pans included.  Since we ourselves have removed all Teflon-coated pans from her kitchen it doesn’t fit well in our household and I know some families have concerns over non-stick coating.  As play toys I feel they are perfectly safe as the coating is never submitted to heat, so SAP plays away making eggs or fish for dinner!

After my wonderful experience with how amazing this kitchen set has been for my 3 year old and know how much use it will get over the next several years I am definitely setting my eyes on some more Alex Toys to give as gifts!  I am definitely favoring the crafts such as the Cap It Off Jewelry kit or Candy Wrapper Jewelry, which would not only be so much fun for kids to do but teach them how to upcycle little things like caps and wrappers around their house!

Of course I’m already working on a wish list for SAP for the relatives.  I’ve very  much enjoyed seeing all the new toys that have been added to the Imagine Toys store recently!  Some of my favorites I would say would be the Hape Mighty Mixer to add to SAP’s kitchen play area and the Plan Toys Wooden Nature Set, perfect for my bug-loving little girl this summer!  Check out SAP’s Wish List on my Pinterest Board for a few other toys we love from Imagine Toys!

What SAPsMaMa Loves about the Alex Complete Kitchen Set:

  • A child’s dream kitchen set complete with every pan, pot, bowl, or utensil they would ever need in one set!
  • Cookware is just like that Mommy and Daddy use in the real kitchen, appealing to kids since it’s just their size but just like their parents’ fun kitchen “toys”!
  • Most of the set is made out of enamel, stainless steal, wood, or silicone which is toxin free and safe to use with edible food so if your kid decides to try to cook real food with it you needn’t worry!
  • The tiny porcelain tea set is adorable and I love the memories it brings back for me from my childhood….a must for every little girl (or boy!)
  • Though I try to stay gender neutral, the pink color definitely appeals to my girl and it matches her stove well too!

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Have just regular pans instead of non-stick pans
  • Little spoons to go with the tea set so our little ones can spoon sugar and stir their tea!

Meet ImagineToys.com!

Imagine Toys is a specialty toy store guided by a mission of providing quality toys that encourage children to use their imaginations.  We’re picky about the toys we select and strive to offer unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you might find at a mass-market toy store.  Imagine Toys buyers are parents themselves and have taken the time to test products with children of appropriate age to make sure our products offer plenty of fun and educational play value.

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