Apr 30, 2012

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Leading Lady Organic Nursing Wear Review and Giveaway!

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I must confess…I am not pregnant, and I am not nursing.  So why am I looking at nursing wear?  Well ladies the answer is not because I like to worry the hubby (though believe me he does!), but because I have the most difficult time finding nursing wear I like, so I am planning ahead for “Number 2”!  When I learned of Leading Lady and their line of organic nursing wear I was interested in trying it out, I had not found any organic nursing tops the entire time I was nursing SAP, and for 14 months that was a long time!  So I was excited to receive their Organic Nursing Cami and also their set of organic panties in natural color to try out and dream of when we will be planning for our next little one.

The organic nursing cami and panties I received from Leading Lady!

Though not sold as a set the organic nursing cami and organic panties worked wonderful together.  Even before I put them on I knew that I was impressed with the fabric of the items, which is a thicker high-quality organic cotton.  Many times when I purchase an organic item I have received products that are thinner weight materials and feel disappointed, but not with this line of organic wear!  I also liked the durability of the elastic around the built-in shelf bra that makes up the top of the nursing cami as I had experienced my nursing camis getting stretched out in that area as time went on in my breastfeeding years, making it a bit useless near the end in covering up my much larger “Samara milk  source”, so a good durable bra area is essential in a nursing cami and I was happy to see that here!

Trying on the nursing cami and panties, they were both very comfortable, so much I could envision myself using this top for a lounging around the house day if it had not been for the nice crisp and natural look that makes it look so great with any post-pregnancy pants!  Since I know when I nursed SAP my chest size had not increased a whole lot it was important for me to have a nursing top that fit me in the “non-nursing” size I am now to ensure it will fit perfectly for when I will be nursing….score!  The cami fit great, with a bit of room for me to grow!  The rest of the cami around the tummy area is a bit baggy so there is plenty of room to cover the post-pregnancy belly and still look great until you get back in to shape.   As for the panties they fit great!  The bikini style is very comfortable to wear and is a nice addition to the nursing tops Leading Lady carries!

Functionality?  Well of course a nursing cami can be as comfortable as Monday’s seem like the longest day of the week and it wouldn’t matter if it does not work for nursing your little one  on their command, so ladies rest your worries, it is easy to use and the style is perfect for nursing!  The shoulder strap clips down on both sides for whichever side you are nursing on while the other side of you stays completely covered so no accidental flashes if you are in public!  This can all be done one-handed which is essential when you have a hungry little one grabbing for their lunch!  I had some problems with my nursing tops with SAP showing the additional fabric in the bra area and looking lumpy, but this cami seems to hold no issues of that sort, the strap runs along the side of your breast instead of over the front of it, giving you a nice sleek look.  If it weren’t for the double strap and strap clips you wouldn’t be able to tell this is  a nursing cami just by looking at it!  For working mothers who pump or feed on breaks having a top that does not “look” like a nursing top is a great thing to own (or a great thing to have more than a few of!).

At the end of the day I am now reminiscing of my wonderful nursing years with SAP and looking forward to the future little one we hope to bring into our home one day, thank you Leading Lady for such a great product!  The only thing I would change would be offering the cami in a few additional tones to choose from other than natural, color is always nice to have depending on what you feel like that day (and if you had not gotten much sleep due to a very hungry little one every couple hours during the night, sometimes you need brown or black to help you through the day!).

What SAPsMaMa Loves about Leading Lady’s Organic Nursing wear:

  • Organic, so no yucky pesticides etc. used in the materials of the clothing!
  • The materials are high quality cotton, and the making of the products is very durable in the areas that need it more!
  • Sizing worked great for me as a smaller-size nursing mom, with lots of room for those who are larger sized during nursing!
  • The cami does not look like a nursing cami, so can be worn as an every day top and pass for one if need-be
  • Very comfortable!

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • I would love to see additional tones and colors added to the selection of the cami for those who want to wear our wonderful Leading Lady nursing cami alot but feel like a different color sometimes!

Meet Leading Lady

Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, camis and sleepwear.  A family owned and operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing bras for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years.  For the first time, Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing intimates – including our limited edition 100% organic line – can be purchased directly on LeadingLady.com.

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities.  Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support – physically, intellectually and emotionally – they  need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding and committed to supporting a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country.

Connect With Leading Lady

Website: http://www.leadinglady.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeadingLadyBras

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LeadingLadyBras

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The product(s) provided for the review (1 Organic Nursing Cami in natural and 1 set of Organic panties) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.  This giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.
  1. There are so many new and wonderful products for mamas now! I think I had about 3 options. 🙂

  2. Very nice review. I wish I was nursing. 🙂

  3. Heidi Daily says:

    I love that they have organic products to choose from

  4. lots of nice products for nursing mamas and for those of us that need a full figure bra too… appreciate all the styles, at least it wouldn’t look like I was wearing my grandmother’s bra lol.

  5. I love organic fabrics and I really need a comfortable shirt to nurse in during the night.

  6. Teresha says:

    I have this cami and I agree it’s very comfortable and functional!

  7. Rachel G says:

    I have a nursing cami from Leading Lady already and I looove it! It’s so comfortable and convenient. I hope I win another one 🙂

  8. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love their selection of nursing bras! I wish I had known abot them when I was nursing! I have their organic nursing bra (TTC our next so I’m stocking up!) and I love the fit and how soft it is.

  9. desiree says:

    i have neice and cousin that are pregnet and this would be good gift to them

  10. JR Pickett - Vicki Vix on rafflecopter says:

    When my sister was pregnant years ago I couldn’t find her anything cute. Now there is so many more products to choose from. Leading Lady has some nice full figure bras as well.

  11. Due in Aug, will have to look into this product some more!


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