Apr 12, 2012

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The Ultimate Green Store Recycled Art/School Supplies Package Review and Giveaway!

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Every parent knows the benefits of arts and crafts for their child in developing skills as the grow up, but as a natural parent I was always torn!  All that paper I saw going to waste!  Crayons made out of paraffin wax that take a century to decompose!  Plastic EVERYTHING!  But oh does my daughter enjoy it, how can I say  no!

The great thing is you don’t have to!  You can be eco-friendly and provide your little one with products for their arts and crafts that are toxin-free and green with the help of The Ultimate Green Store!  For review I received a nice package of products made from recycled, upcycled or eco-friendly materials, including eco-stars recycled wax crayons, soy crayon rocks, green Apple Recycled Ruler, Kleen Earth Kids Recycled Scissors, and a Terracycle Drink Pouch Pencil Case.  Every single product was not only eco-friendly and toxin-free but also proved to be excellent quality!

It’s amazing the unique products you can get when you look for eco-friendly!

As a surprise on one of my days off of work I gave SAP the package of art supplies and she loved it!  Of course the first things that grabbed her attention were the crayons…what kid wouldn’t love them?  I opened the box of eco-star recycled crayons for her and she went to work picking out her colors and coloring on her paper!  The star crayons were larger than I had anticipated  looking at the picture which I was very happy about.  We had created our own recycled crayons last month for party favors for SAP’s party but since the crayons easily broke and ended up being used as pretend puppy food (they were dog bone shaped) instead of for coloring as they broke so easily.  The eco-star crayons were great, nice and chunky and high quality!  SAP gripped them well and since they have 5 points it will be a long time before these crayons get dull!

I loved how SAP returned the star crayons to their box and how thick and easy they were for her to use!

The other crayons we received were the soy crayon rocks, which I have been thinking about getting SAP for years now and always worried about her being too young for.  No worries now, the rocks are a really good size (like the size as the top half of your thumb) and she holds them very well too!  The way kids hold the rocks is said to improve fine motor skills so not only will she be having fun coloring but it will be good for her too.  SAP was very happy with the crayon rocks as they came in their own adorable velvet bag and she thought it was very cool to poor them out, put them back in, and carry them around.  Of course they turned into more than just an art toy … ever heard of stone soup?!  Well, you can evidently make it out of soy rock crayons!

The crayon rocks made for a very colorful stone soup in SAP’s kitchen!

What I love most about the crayons we received is the quality that is in the crayons for a product that is eco-friendly.  The soy crayons are completely biodegradable, the recycled wax crayons are keeping crayons out of the landfill that would take a decade to biodegrade, and yet we get sturdy chunky crayons that don’t break, color well, and in dozens of different colors more so than the rainbow!  After coloring with stars or rocks what kid would want to go back to plain crayons?!  Definitely not me, and I’m an adult!  I enjoyed that SAP liked the set up of how neat the star crayons were sorted in their little box and the rocks in their bag so she cleaned up her crayons without me having to tell her to, which is a first for us.  Happy Mommy and happy toddler!

SAP could easily grip the rock crayons for coloring, it made it even more fun for her!

The Apple Recycled Ruler was the tool I was unsure if SAP was old enough to use yet or not…I envisioned her using it to learn to draw straight lines in learning how to write the letters of the alphabet…but guess what she is doing?!  It is now not only an arts and crafts tool for her but a play toy all the time!  Recently Daddy has been doing a lot of wood working which requires a measuring tape, and so measuring her toys has become a daily fun game with her.  She may not understand how to read the  measurements yet but with the ruler she is now able to run around measuring to her heart’s desire without getting in trouble for stealing SAPsDaDa’s measuring tape!  It is very cute to see her draw on some paper with her recycled star crayons and measure her work with her ruler afterward to make sure it’s “perfect”!  Being familiar with plastic rulers from my own youth I was afraid it would break from her not-so-gentle play with it but the ruler has stood up to her play much better than I ever expected!  My favorite thing?  Not only the green color that stands out as different from other rulers showing off to everyone “I am green and eco-friendly!” but also the fact the the ruler is made from the yellow pages of recycled phone books!

SAP had to measure her circle she had drawn to be sure it was the right size before cutting it out!

If the crayons she received hadn’t gotten her giddy with excitement I think the KleenEarth Kids Recycled Scissors would have.  SAP loves to practice her cutting!  If we give her paper to color on she will color, measure, then cut it up into little snibblets.  It was a game with her to get ahold of Mommy’s scissors as mine are “special” as they are for my sewing, so giving her her own pair of “special” scissors to use that were all her own made her very happy.  She loves to practice practice practice and these scissors will get a ton of use in our household!  I’m even considering purchasing a second pair now to ensure there is another for when friends come to visit as I know SAP won’t want to share her special scissors!

Looks like that’s enough coloring, time to start cutting!

No art/craft or school supplies set would be complete without a pencil pouch!  The Terracycle Drink Pouch Pencil Case makes a unique use out of old capri sun pouches to create not only a pencil case that is eco-friendly but also one that is strong and super durable.  Since SAP was so keen on keeping her eco-star crayons and soy rock crayons in their own bags and pouches (yay!) I decided on a different use of the Terracycle drink pouch!  It wasn’t difficult to figure out a new use for it, it is so versatile and handy, and the size is just right (not too long or short, not too skinny or wide), but I finally settled on it being an ec0-friendly zipper bag for one of SAP’s busy bags!  Since I’ve joined a busy bag exchange group we have received a great amount of busy bags, but not all of them come in bags that make it easy to transport them, let along be ec0-friendly.  The Terracycle drink pouch is easy for SAP to pick out of the busy bag basket if she is looking for that specific activity to work on at that time, and it’s perfect for me to grab on the go and put in my purse to pass off to her while we wait in the waiting room or are shopping at the co-op grocery store!  I know once SAP heads off to kindergarten she will need it for her pencils and crayons and markers, but until them I will be able to enjoy the convenience of it myself!

The Terracycle Pencil Pouch made for a great “busy bag” bag!

It fit her foam fish and bird puzzles perfectly and made it possible for me to grab it on the go!

Overall I am extremely pleased with the package of school supplies from The Ultimate Green Store, with products that are made with eco-friendly materials, recycled content, or up-cycled ideals their standards definitely show though the price is fair and affordable.  When SAP loves something for it’s appeal to her as much as I love how much it is “green” I have found a winner.

What SAPsMaMa Loves about The Ultimate Green Store’s Recycled Art/School Supplies Package:

  • All the products tested were of recycled or upcycled materials, keeping waste from going to the landfill!
  • Products were toxin-free and kept SAP healthy while she did the activities she enjoyed without compromising my morals
  • Products were high quality, durable, and will stand up to long term use instead of single use items many parents buy every school year
  • Items are unique and stand out fromt he crowd, making your child think they are “cool” and special, they will love them as much as you do!
  • Service from The Ultimate Green Store was prompt and shipping was great, the store website was easy to navigate and find what I wanted!
  • Prices on products are very comparable to those of conventional products in large chain stores, but for better quality!  Step up and go green!

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • The only suggestion I would have is to offer scissors that have a rounded tip instead of pointed for parents who feel more of a safety concern for their child.

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  1. Sally Grubbs says:

    I like it because the products are toxin free

  2. Really nice idea and toxic free!

  3. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the recycles kool-aid pouches! They are so cool! I love the purses they make out of them too! So did she put those crayons back in rainbow color order by herself?!?!? LOL

  4. Kelley Johnsen says:

    These are so neat! My little ones would love them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love that there are so many great green products available these days. The Kool-aid pouch is Awesome!

  6. Kasee Johnson says:

    I have three of TerraCycle’s pencil pouches! I use them to hold small items in my laptop bag – highlighter, headphones – and my kids use them with their school supplies. I love ’em! And now I cannot wait to try the star crayons! I gave a KoolAid pouch filled with recycled pencils to a neighbor as a Christmas present last year and it was a hit … I’m thinking that gift will be repeated!

  7. I am always looking for eco friendly art supplies. These are cute.


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