Jul 3, 2012

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Enter Now! Made In The USA Giveaway Hop! July 4 – 13th

Made in the USA

Happy Independence Day! Thanks for stopping by the Made in the USA Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and A Year of Jubilee Reviews through the Green Moms Network. As part of this hop, you’ll find dozens of blogs with eco-friendly prizes packages worth $25 or more – all made in the USA! After entering my giveaway, be sure to visit the other blogs listed below the Rafflecopter form for more chances to win! All giveaways in this hop will run through July 13 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good luck!

There’s nothing more “Made in the USA” than handmade by work at home mom’s/dad’s and small family businesses!

I enjoyed sharing my handmade busy bag creations with you last month in the Summer Celebration giveaway (check out that prize pack!), so I thought I’d give you another opportunity to win some more of my great creations, as well as that of a friend of mine who has started her own little business!

Handmade by USA Moms Package!

Important info:

**This Package is aimed toward Preschool and Kindergarten level children, though can be adapted for younger children (who would love creating pretty cupcakes and picnic meals for mommy/daddy!) to older children (who would love following the phases of the moon throughout the month!)  I am willing to substitute most items with something else I can create for  you within reason if you feel something in the package will not suite your child well, just ask!  Any product from another creator is their decision, and not SAPsMaMa’s**

1 Phases of the Moon Felt Puzzle Activity made by SAPsMaMa

In 1969 the US went to the moon!  Now your little one can go to the moon in their dreams with this Phases of the Moon felt puzzle activity!

For younger children use the cheat sheet and have them make each moon phase.  With older children cover up the label at the bottom and have them tell you what phase you have made!  Many more versions can be done, this is great for many ages and levels of learning!  Made out of recycled felt by SAPsMaMa!  (ARV $10)

1 Picnic Place Setting Activity made by SAPsMaMa

There is nothing more American in July than a good old fashioned picnic!  Your little one  can have a blast putting together a place setting of everyone’s favorite picnic foods, from hotdogs to watermelon and good old chocolate chip cookies!

Can be personalized with your child’s name on the placemat and anyone’s  names of their choice on each menu card. Includes a “Create Your Own” menu card to teach your child how to create a “square meal” at a picnic!  Younger children learn sequencing as you read them the card and create their meal in order, older children can learn how to create meals and place setting.  Made by SAPsMaMa (ARV $7)

1 Cupcake Busy Bag Set made by eLeMeNO-P

Give your little one a treat this summer with this fun cupcake game made by Erica at eLeMeNO-P!  Check our her Facebook page!

Comes with 5 cupcake liners, 5 cupcakes, and 5 cupcake frostings.   Also includes 6 laminated counting cards and 6 word problem cards, and enough toppings to decorate the cupcakes.

Great for ages 3-5 to build counting skills, fine motor skills, and shape/color recognition.  Great for ages 6-8 for addition and subtractions kills!  Made by eLeMeNO-P (ARV $8)

ARV estimated at $25

All items are  hand-made by me (SAPsMaMa) with my own patterns, or eLeMeNO-P,  instructions will be included where needed.  All printouts will be laminated for durability with your child.


Enter to win  this awesome prize packages by simply filling out the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. Jennifer Watson McDonald says:

    Oh gosh !! They are all FANTASTIC !! I think my little one will enjoy them all equally !! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity !!

  2. Vilate Thacker says:

    My kids love the cupcakes!! The moon looks like fun. I would love to have that one. And the food one is fun too.

  3. Christina Cardwell says:

    My boys would love the phases of the moon set! The placemat is really cute as well, I haven’t thought about doing something like that. And we have the cupcake set already and really enjoy it. 🙂

  4. I think my 2nd graders woukd really enjoy the phases of the moon. They like science!

  5. These are great! My favorite is the Picnic Place Setting.
    Thank you!

  6. The cupcake set would be great for my daughter.

  7. I think these activities are awesome! I love them all! I think my kids would like them all as well, they are 3 & 4. I would love to see dinosaur learning set or a stages of a flower set, or a solar system set 🙂 Along the lines of food, you could do all sorts of food that you have to assemble, like for a picnic!

  8. Caitlin says:

    I love these activities! I love the phases of the moon as it really ties in education and science! (And I love science!)

  9. Tammy Hoffa says:

    I like the cupcake one because the kids can so creative with it

  10. Olivia L says:

    I really like the Phases of the Moon Felt Puzzle Activity. The cupcakes are a little out of my 2 year old’s league, but I think she would enjoy just building a cupcake, and the more advanced activities could be saved for when she’s a bit older.

  11. Christina C says:

    The felt moon puzzle seems like a great educational activity for my son.

  12. Sarah Hull says:

    They are all so cute and loot like a lot of fun! I think my son would enjoy the Phases of the Moon felt set the best.

  13. I think they are all very cute. I looked at them all and it’s hard to chose a favorite…if I had to chose, I think I would pick the picnic set.

  14. Mine would like the picnin place since she likes to pretend we are going camping

  15. Emily E says:

    We would really enjoy the phases of the moon

  16. I think these are great activities! My little one is a little young still, but we could do something with the Picnic Place Setting Activity and get a lot of use out of them all when she’s a litle older. My daughter loves learning, and I think that she would love all of these. I like that you can do different things with different age levels with each of these.

  17. My boys love playfood…so the picnic and cupcakes would naturally be favorites for them…

  18. Christine S says:

    My daughter loves space right now. She’d LOVE the moon puzzle!

  19. Sarah Blake says:

    I want these in my classroom! They’re great! The moon one especially 🙂

  20. jennifer laur says:

    i love the moon phases! i love how simple they are

  21. Love the cupcake activity set!

  22. My kid would like the moon one

  23. Joana A says:

    the moon puzzle and picnic place setting seem more educational but i think my daughter would love the cupcake busy bag

  24. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I think they are cool! Dd would love the cupcake set. Me? I like the Phases of the Moon! It would be a fun way to teach dd about the phases in a way that would keep her attention!

  25. I love these sets! My daughter will love them and they are perfect for homeschooling! Thank you!

  26. Jenny Stanek says:

    I think my kids would love the cupcake one, because it is cute and looks fun! I like that it would teach skills to both my 6-year old and my 4-year olds!

  27. Tina Bob says:

    I like all the sets , i think my daughter will like th picnic set, but, i would like to try the moon set

  28. LoryAnn Payne says:

    I think my boys would love the Picnic Place Setting Activity. They both love to help set the table and play in their little kitchen, so this is a perfect activity for them.

  29. Lindsay Benedek says:

    Cupcakes, because it is also good for motor skills for 3 yr olds

  30. tracy webb says:

    My kids would love the cupcake set.

  31. I think the cupcakes look so colorful! All of them look like lots of fun for little ones to play with!

  32. I think we would really enjoy the picnic one the most. My kids love our other felt toys and have fun doing puzzle-type activities (even if they get to make up all the rules themselves!).

  33. These are seriously so cute and creative! I like the placemat one b/c it is not just food – it is showing where everything goes at a table and the “right” way to compose a meal.

  34. Lisa Hackney says:

    I love the cupcake set! I especially love that it encourages creativity in children and how colorful they are! Lots of teaching opportunities in these!

  35. Damian Jarreau says:

    I really like these. My favorite is the Picnic Place. My kids will enjoy this

  36. Teresa Thompson says:

    I love the Moon Puzzle.

  37. Twila Owen says:

    I think my 2.5 yr old would love the moon phases activity the most. He is obsessed with finding the moon in the sky. My 4 yr old would love the cupcakes!

  38. Liberty Boblett says:

    The Phases of the Moon is wonderful, my children love astronomy. I think this is a very good way to teach kids about the different phases, the hands on makes it fun!

  39. Mayla M says:

    I like the Phases of the Moon Felt Puzzle. My son rely likes the solar system and I think he would have lots of fun with this!

  40. The Phases of the Moon puzzle because we are big space fans