Nov 2, 2012

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AppleGate Organic Deli Meat Review!

In our quest to eat more natural and healthy foods in our home I made the choice a year ago to eliminate deli meat from our diet.  I  had worked at a large Deli counter in a grocery store and got quite sick of the sloppy wet processed meat that is often sold quite cheaply, it just wasn’t meat anymore!  It didn’t taste or look like meat and I couldn’t understand why anyone would buy it save for low fat content and cheap price, my priorities were laid somewhere else.

But as I shopped our local Co-op store I noticed they did carry a certain brand of deli meat in particular….AppleGate!  Not only was there bacon and brats and sliced meats but when I looked into it I started to wonder….could I go back to eating deli meat again and enjoy a nice sandwich without sacrificing my morals of healthy natural eating?  Yes I could, and I got the chance when Moms Meet and AppleGate teamed up and offered me to try some of their wonderful products!

First I had to do my homework….who is AppleGate?  The first thing I look into on Applegate’s Website, so easy to locate and right out there for everyone to see (not hidden like so many companies do!) is their standards!  I love how their standards for natural and organic meats are so similar, the only difference is whether animals are fed organic feed or not, but all meats from AppleGate are just meat, no extra fillers or additives so common in meats.  What I get from AppleGate is that they take care of what is important as a meat company: their animals are treated well, the environment they utilize is treated well, and we as customers are treated well with a great product and no unnatural unhealthy ingredients!

The first product I tried was the AppleGate Italian Sausage.  Our family has become a huge fan of chicken brats since trying them as an alternative to pork from our local farmer’s market, but the farmer’s  market is not year-round, and it is not always guaranteed they will have it in stock, we don’t want to go without!  We gave these a try to see if they’d be a good alternative, and found out they were a great meal addition to our weekly menu on their own regardless of if we already had brats that week!  The Italian brats were full of flavor and so we cut them up and mixed them in with our meal that night: some flavored herb noodles and broccoli!  It made a well-rounded meal and something SAP asked for seconds for!  We were especially  happy with how the sausages were made.  Most sausages have a rather thick casing, but these were easy to cut up for SAP into coin slices so she could eat them without fear of her choking, which has become an issue with other brats.  Not to mention they’re a mommy pleaser, they come pre-cooked!  All I do is pop them into our toaster over for a few minutes to add to any meal for a nice variation to what may be leftovers or just a night where I forgot to plan ahead (whoops!).

Would you think your 3  year old would eat this?  SAP did!  And she loved it!  The Italian sausage was the perfect touch!

Of course my real excitement was trying AppleGate’s deli meats!  I decided to opt for the Natural Roasted Chicken Breast when I was picking from our choices at the co-op, and I think next time I’ll have to buy a couple packs of different flavors!  The chicken was very good, it tasted like real chicken, not the deli meat I was accustomed to from my old work place!  It wasn’t too wet or dry it was just right and a nice thickness to the slice.  The roasting flavor was subtle but overall let the taste of chicken come through which I liked.  SAP decided to eat her sandwich without bread and just fill up on deli meat for lunch when I served these as sandwiches, and I was tempted to save the rest for myself I enjoyed it so much!  I am excited to go back and try some other flavors and types of meats, there was just too many to choose from first time around!

Whatever you choose from AppleGate I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  Their huge variety of flavors will keep your family on their toes without making too much work for you in preparing meals for your hungry ones and there will be no fuss from the kids about finishing their meals!  I am once again a deli meat lover thanks to AppleGate and I am looking forward to our next shopping trip….I”m thinking AppleGate’s bacon for some BLT’s…..yum!

If you are excited to try AppleGate’s products for yourself head on over to their website first for a great coupon!  While you’re there sign up for their newsletter for updates on any future deals that will come your way too!

Disclosure:  I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.
  1. We can enjoy hotdogs again thanks to Applegate! great review!

  2. I love applegate farm hot dogs. The closest store with them is an hour away, though, so when I buy them, I have to stock up. 🙂

    • Our co-op didn’t have the hotdogs so I’m on a search for them, I’ve heard great things! 🙂 Do they freeze good to keep for longer periods of time?